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What Do Basketball Fans Chant

What Do Basketball Fans Chant?

When the NBA decided to do the Disneyland Bubble to continue the season despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the players’ initial concern was that no fans would cheer for them. LeBron James even said it was

How to Palm a Basketball

How to Palm a Basketball

Michael Jordan and Kawhi Leonard. What do these two have in common? They have the biggest hands relative to their size, and that’s saying a lot because the NBA is a melting pot of the

Should I Play Basketball Everyday

Should I Play Basketball Everyday?

As someone who loves the game of basketball, you have probably asked yourself, “Should I play basketball everyday?” in the hopes of getting better. If you are a young baller who wanted to take basketball

What is a Hand Checking Rule in the NBA

What is a Hand Checking Rule in the NBA?

Rules in the NBA have evolved throughout the years, and discarding one defensive move in the 2004-05 season might have ushered a new era of basketball. That defensive move is known as “hand checking.” So,

What is a D1 Basketball

What is a D1 Basketball?

Many people do not know what is Division 1 basketball and the difference between Division 1 and the other Divisions in the country. Some people do not even know that there are other Divisions outside

D1 vs. D2 Basketball

D1 vs. D2 Basketball

Would you like to know what is D1 basketball and how it is different from D2 basketball? We know that it is essential to know the differences if you are a basketball fan or player

What Position Did Michael Jorday Play

What Position Did Michael Jordan Play?

In the eyes of many, Michael Jordan is the best to ever put on a pair of basketball sneakers. You would find it hard to argue with that statement. From individual accolades on the basketball