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How Many Square Feet Is A Basketball Court ?

How Many Square Feet is a Basketball Court?

Have you ever wondered how many square feet is a basketball court? Have you ever wondered how the size of basketball courts are determined? If yes, then this article is for you. You will find

What is AAU Basketball

What is AAU Basketball?

If you have watched basketball long enough, you may have probably heard about AAU basketball. But hearing about a thing and understanding it are two different things. What we would like to achieve in this

Popular NBA Players Born in January

Popular NBA Players Born in January

If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers,” you’d learn why January is a memorable month for Canadian hockey players. Can we say the same about the NBA? You be the judge. Whatever the case may be,

NBA Trade Rules Explained

NBA Trade Rules Explained

Not many people realize that NBA trades are as complicated as a Salvador Dali painting. While it is true that there are straightforward deals that you can make, most of these transactions require a lot

Basketball vs. Soccer Which is Harder

Basketball vs. Soccer: Which is Harder?

Sometimes, it’s pointless to compare two very different sports, but the discussion can be fascinating. At the very least, you could know a lot about the said sport and maybe come to appreciate it. Case

Basketball vs. Football Which is Harder

Basketball vs. Football: Which is Harder?

Two of the most famous North American sports are basketball and American football, or just football. Between basketball vs. football, the latter enjoys a broader audience, with 37% of Americans choosing it as their favorite

Netball vs. Basketball_ What's the Difference

Netball vs. Basketball: What’s the Difference?

Like American football and rugby, netball and basketball are similar but still completely different. It’s not just the baseball-softball difference; the netball and basketball difference is night and day. So in this netball vs. basketball

Basketball Drills for 8-Year Olds

Basketball Drills for 8-Year Olds

Only a handful of basketball players found success in the NBA after a late start in the sport. Most of them played basketball since childhood, probably sleeping alongside the spheroid. Like any other kid, the

Basketball Drills for 7-Year Olds

Basketball Drills for 7-Year Olds

If you are looking for physical activity to keep your children from being on a potato couch, there are basketball drills for kids early. The sport will build their interpersonal ability, help them acquire the