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What Are Open Looks In Basketball

What Are Open Looks In Basketball?

In the game of basketball, we are often told to focus on getting open looks instead of forcing shots. That is why plenty of offensive sets are designed to get open looks for any player

What is a Crossover in Basketball?

The only legal way for a player to move with the basketball is through dribbling. It is one of the five basic skills in basketball. Being adept at handling the ball is a must, especially

The Ultimate Guide to Basketball Statistics

The Ultimate Guide to Basketball Statistics

Numbers are always significant to basketball. These numbers, or statistics, are essential to the game since it is an excellent barometer of how well a team is doing or which things they can improve. In

What is an Iso in Basketball

What is an Iso in Basketball?

Would you like to know what does an ISO mean in a basketball? Have you heard other players or fans of basketball refer to plays as ISO plays and wonder what they are talking about?

What are Common Basketball Strategies

What are Common Basketball Strategies?

To the untrained eye, a game of basketball is chaos involving a bunch of men or women running around, perhaps bumping into each other along the way as they look to put the ball in

How to Get Better if You're a Short Basketball Player

How to Get Better if You’re a Short Basketball Player

The main ingredients for success in basketball are skill, playing hard, high basketball smarts, and determination. Genetically gifted with height is a bonus. Height shouldn’t hinder reaching your full potential; there are advantages of being

NIKE NBA Players_ Who Wears Them On the Court

Nike NBA Players: Who Wears Them On the Court?

The NBA used to have shoe rules, but these were removed in the 2018-2019 season. Players have the freedom to choose the color, type, and brand with them in-game sneakers.  Nike was on top of

What Companies Does Shaq Own

What Companies Does Shaq Own?

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most well-known names in NBA history. That’s not only because of his impressive basketball resume; he also has this bigger-than-life quirky personality. When O’Neal called it quits in 2011,