Trade Rumors Continue To Swirl Around Gasol


How can we talk about the Los Angeles Lakers without continuing to question Pau Gasol and whether or not he’s going to stick around or be shipped off?

Gasol has had plenty of success in his time with the Lakers, no one can question that, but perhaps he’s starting to wear out his welcome. A nagging tendinitis issue in his knee and his overall down play across the board have Lakers fans wondering what’s next.

The addition of Dwight Howard hasn’t really helped, as Gasol prefers to play in the post and use his superior skills to get baskets. Instead, he’s being forced out further than he’d like and has had to settle for a lot of jumpers, which is not his ideal skillset.

Gasol’s poor overall play has meant more minutes for the likes of Antawn Jamison, who’s a more traditional forward, one that can spread the floor and hit shots from the perimeter, while at the same time opening up room for Howard to go to work down low.

So, there’s no shortage of problems when it comes to Gasol and the Lakers. Kobe Bryant’s already called him out on numerous occasions and Gasol had already complained publicly about his diminishing role in the offense.

That’s where the trade rumors come in. Some think trading Gasol away for a big man that’s also a shooter, such as Andrea Bargnani for example, paired with another productive guard would be a good return.

The trouble is, Steve Nash was promised that Gasol would be around, and in the end it’s still far too early to throw away this awesome nucleus before we can really see what it’s capable of. Once Nash comes back, maybe everything changes for the better.

Until then though, you’re better off staying away from the Lakers with your NBA picks. They’re still getting far too much love from oddsmakers.

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