Top 10 NBA Power Forwards

With the talent level as high as it has never been in the league, we’re taking the difficult task today of making our NBA predictions for the Top 10 power forwards that the Association has to offer.

It’s clear that there are a few tiers of power forwards in the league. No one is going to debate the fact that Tim Duncan is the dean of PFs in this league, knowing that he is probably the only surefire Hall of Famer that we have at the position today. However, LaMarcus Aldridge is the only man eligible at the power forward spot that is averaging more than 20 points per game this year, and the impact that players like David Lee and Blake Griffin have on their team is huge.

Chris Bosh is often overlooked, as he is the third member of the Miami Heat trio, while Kevin Love is a totally forgotten about man this year since he has only played in 18 games with various injuries and won’t be back any time soon.

Heck, Al Jefferson is probably getting a one-way ticket out of Utah right now, as he has been dangled as trade bait.

Those seven are easy to identify as seven of the best power forwards that the game has to offer. Zach Randolph is going to be asked to carry the Memphis Grizzlies at the PF position, and he had better be one of the best in the game if the team is going to go anywhere in the playoffs. DeMarcus Cousins would be a Top 10 player in the entire league if he could just keep his head on straight.

Meanwhile, our last pick for the Top 10 power forwards in basketball is Ryan Anderson. He’s a new power forward essentially, as he stretches the court like no other. He averages taking 7.5 three-point shots per game and leads the league with 153 made triples on the season.

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  1. basel k

    if anyone it should be amare stoudamire. amare is big, strong, and has more expierience than some of those POWERFORWARDS

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