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Pacers Are in Driver’s Seat Against Heat

The Indiana Pacers may be down 2-3 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat, but they are still in the driver’s seat.

Why? Because LeBron James appears to be all that Miami has going for it right know. Chris Anderson is suspended for Game 6, Dwane Wade is shooting 47% from the field in this series and Chris Bosh has shrunk while guarding Roy Hibbert.

Wade is listed as day-to-day and it’s clear that his knee is giving him more problems than he has been willing to admit. He admitted to having to tape his knee up to play games and his eight field goal attempts in Game 5 shows that he’s not comfortable on the court right now.

The only players who have really stepped up for Miami besides James have been Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem. However, both are role players and their impact isn’t enough to swing this series in the favor of Miami.

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Roy Hibbert has been a complete beast in this series. Besides making a 6’10 all-star look invisible, Hibbert has averaged 22.6 points and 10.8 boards in this series. He’s had some problems at time adjusting to Haslem and Chris Anderson sticking jumpers, but besides that, he’s been the MVP of this series.

Yes, even ahead of James.

The other interesting factor is the play of Paul George. Indiana’s current all-star has had a bit of a rollercoaster of a series, but Game 5 showed that he’s capable of making a big difference in this series. He hit five three-pointers and scored a team-high 27 points.

Are the Pacers a lock to upset the Heat? Far from it. However, based on how things have played out so far, it looks like Indiana is in a good place to steal this series and advance to the NBA Finals.

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