NBA’s Top 3-Point Shooters

You may be surprised at some of the names listed in the top of the 3-point percentage category, though there are some familiar names there too. Let’s run over the list.

Up top is O.J. Mayo, who has seemingly been re-born in a Dallas Mavericks jersey. He’s shooting a ridiculous 53.0 percent from three and leads the league by a large margin there. Averaging a team-best 20.8 points per game, the Mavericks have to love what they’re getting out of Mayo, especially with Dirk Nowitzki still sidelined.

It’s a scary thought what Dallas will be able to do offensively once their big man returns to the floor.

Also in the top five, we’ve got the likes of Jason Kidd, Matt Bonner, Chris Duhon and Francisco Garcia. Now, we should mention that the latter three aren’t getting that many minutes and attempts, and therefore their positions on the leaderboard are a little bit skewed.

So we next focus on Kevin Martin, who’s number six at 47.9 percent from three on the year. Martin was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for James Harden, and while Harden is doing some great things for the Houston Rockets, Martin has been every bit the efficient offensive player that the Thunder were hoping to get.

Coming off the bench, Martin has been extremely lethal and is helping take some pressure off of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Funnily enough, three Miami Heat players are also in the top ten, with Shane Battier (47.8), Ray Allen (47.4) and Rashard Lewis (47.2) also hitting at a great rate this season. If these kind of percentages keep up for the Heat, they’re going to be mighty hard to keep up with offensively.

Rounding out the top ten is Ben Gordon, who’s hitting at a 47.1 percent clip. He’s helped the Charlotte Bobcats become a legitimate team again with his offensive play.

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