Nasty News For Nash

When Steve Nash first went down with injury, it was thought that he would only be out for a weke or so. It turns out that the problem may be a lot worse than initially feared, which could mean a much longer time on the sidelines for the guard.

Nash hurt himself in a loss to the Portland Trail Blazers and has been out since. It’s looking like he could miss at least four weeks, obviously a horrible blow for the Lakers in the early part of the season.

Though Los Angeles will be happy not to have do deal with this problem in a more important part of the season, they were still hoping they could build up some chemistry between Nash, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. The three have barely played with one another and it’s crucial that they continue to get time together in order to build that trust.

This injury puts a wrench into all of those plans. The Lakers will now turn to Steve Blake to run the point guard duties while Nash it out, while Darius Moore could also get some playing time.

The Lakers looked just fine without Nash in their first win of the season on Sunday, as they demolished the Detroit Pistons at home. Howard and Bryant dominated proceedings and it was good to see that they could cope just fine without their floor general on the court.

Still, L.A. wants Nash back as soon as possible as they try to make a run for the title this season. The early buzz seemed to have the Lakers as serious championship contenders, and injuries simply can’t happen if that’s to become a realistic outcome.

Once Nash gets back, we’ll finally get to see what this team is capable of when everyone is healthy and forming an understanding with one another.

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