Mayo Needs To Find His Stroke

The Dallas Mavericks are still in the midst of a playoff push in the Western Conference. They are three-games back in the Western Conference playoff race, though they still have a heck of a lot of teams to catch to reach their goals. Dallas has run off four straight wins, but it is going to need to win a ton of more games in order to get into the postseason.

OJ Mayo is a man that is going to really need to step it up if Dallas is going to keep making for great NBA picks for the rest of the regular season, and hopefully into the postseason.

Mayo has averaged just 13.5 points per game over the course of his last 12 games, and that’s a far cry from the man that put up an average of 22.2 points per game in the first 12 games of the campaign. The Mavericks were 7-5 in those first 12 games, and they are only 23-28 since that point. Needless to say, that’s a big difference, both in terms of Mayo’s production and in the won/loss column.

The other problem that Mayo is having is that he is turning the ball over far too much. The 2.65 turnovers per game isn’t that it is all that awful, but the games in which he isn’t keeping tabs on the rock, Dallas is really struggling. Not surprisingly in this four-game winning streak, Mayo only has turned the ball over a total of three times in those games. He has turned it over at least five times in 13 times over the course of the season. Dallas has only gone 1-12 in those games.

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