2013 All-Star Game Preview

All eyes will be on the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night in Houston, as the best and brightest throughout the league will join together for the always high-flying spectacle.

The West has won a pair of All-Star Games in a row by relatively close margins, winning 152-149 in 2012 in Orlando and 148-143 in Los Angeles in 2011. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant were matched up at the gun last year, but LeBron didn’t ultimately take the shot that could have tied the game, instead electing to pass the ball for someone else to take the big time shot.

You can make your NBA predictions that James is going to remember that one, as he and his Eastern Conference teammates are going to look to get a level of revenge against the Western Conference All-Stars.

The cast of characters in the game largely remains the same for the West. Of the 12 men that were on the Western Conference roster last year, seven were on the team last year. Dwight Howard, who is going to start at center, was a starter for the Eastern Conference a campaign ago. Meanwhile in the East, there are only four returners from last year’s All-Star Game, and there are six first-time All-Stars on the roster.

On one blush, the Western Conference clearly has the more balanced team. The point guards are clearly superior in the West now that Rajon Rondo is out of the game for the East, and everything that James can do for the East, Kevin Durant can do for the West.

Team chemistry could ultimately help out the Eastern Conference, though. The Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and Chicago Bulls have seven of the 12 men on the team. In the Western Conference, the 12 players are represented by eight different teams.

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