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Podcast: 2012 NBA Free Agency Preview

Mark and McNeill broke down what might happen this weekend when free agency starts. Some of the topics we covered included Kevin Garnett’s new deal to stay a Celtic, where Deron Williams might land, why Memphis could be a great team for Ray Allen, some creative ways for Steve Nash to land with Toronto or Miami and what teams are poised to be big players this summer.

Also, at the end of the podcast, McNeill had an exclusive interview with DeMar DeRozan where they talked about DeRozan’s plans for this summer.

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Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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  • Larrbear

    Think it would be a huge mistake for Nash to go to Miami. Lebron James leaves no room on that team for anyone with his ego. He and Nash would constantly be at each other. Although Nash is a far superior player to Lebron James, you would only see a power struggle ensue. Nash would be better off with the Thunder. A young aggressive team that needs a seasoned leader to take them over the top. If Nash wants a ring, the Thunder should be his choice. His talents would be wasted in Miami.

  • Ryan McNeill

    Interesting take on Nash heading to OKC. On one hand, I like Nash being a veteran leader and “teaching” Westbrook how to run an offense, but I don’t see them offering him a three-year deal or having the kind of money he will command.

  • Larrbear

    OKC has several free agents they could let go and possibly acquire the money necessary to temp Steve. The main consideration form Steve Nash on this option, would be an chance to acquire a championship ring. If I understand correctly, he is leaving the Suns because they would not give him support. He would have plenty of support in OKC as Fisher got. He would have a team to play with for a change.

  • Ryan McNeill

    Personally, I think the Raptors, Pacers and Mavs are the front runners in the Nash Sweepstakes.

  • Larrbear

    No doubt. I was just thinking about a choice he may consider. And, who knows what is going on behind the scenes. I just think it would be a good match and it would benefit both the Thunder and Steve Nash. But, if you could easily stack the team members, where would the competition be?