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Carlisle Explains How He Recruited Casey


“Dwane (Casey) is a longtime friend and a guy I admired from afar before I got to know him well. The year before I came to Dallas we were both sitting out that year; I was doing TV for ESPN and he was doing some studio work for the Seattle team. I actually went out a couple of times to visit him and get to know him a little bit because I wanted to recruit him. I knew he was going to be up for some head coaching jobs too, but if it turned out that he didn’t end up with one and I got one I wanted the opportunity to work with him. Ultimately that’s the way it worked out which was lucky for me. A lot of teams passed Dwane over and he has proven all of them wrong now. Bryan Colangelo was the only guy smart enough to see this guy did a really good job in Minnesota. Bryan saw all of his positive qualities – mainly the fact he was a defense first coach – and Dwane’s first year he took this team that was at the bottom defensively up to the middle to upper tier. That’s extremely difficult to do. I give Bryan (Colangelo) credit for having the foresight, and quite frankly the balls, to hire him. Look, it has been a young team, and so there has been a lot of work to do here, but Dwane has stayed the course and these guys are obviously on the rise.”

Rick Carlisle

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