Catching Up With Dwight Hardy

Many legendary ball players has emanated from the Bronx NY. Players such as Rob Strickland, Kenny Satterfield, and countless other have made their way from the playgrounds, and ultimately to the major arenas of professional Basketball.

Dwight Hardy is one of those players who, like his predecessors before him, is proud to be from the Bronx and is ready for his shot at basketball stardom.

After a stellar standout career at St. Johns University, located in Queens NY, where he averaged 18.3 points under Head Coach Steve Lavin, Hardy took his talents to Italian club Pistoria where he averages 22.6 points per game.

I recently sat down with Dwight to talk about life and basketball.

Tell me a little about yourself:
I was born and raised in the Bronx, went to John F. Kennedy High School then attended Indian Hills Community College before landing at St. John’s.

How has your upbringing prepared you for life as a professional basketball player?
My upbringing has prepared me a lot. Growing up in a rough neighborhood really gave a strong mind set on becoming successful and handling things on my own, so the transition to being a professional basketball player wasn’t that hard.

How has your family adjusted to living in a different country?
My family has adjusted well. When they first arrived, it was a little difficult because of the language but they are happy here and are having a great experience along with myself.

How have you adjusted from playing at St John’s, to playing for Giorgio Tesi?
The adjustment from St. Johns to Giorgio Tesi was huge in terms of the style of play and tempo. I think at the college level, the game is faster and more players are athletic. Overseas, the game is much slower. Most teams like to execute more instead of an up and down type of tempo.

What are some of the teachings you learned from Steve Lavin that you applied to your pro career?
Steve Lavin has thought me a lot; how to carry myself on and off the court. Also, he has showed me how to be a pro on the court, not just playing, but how I talk to my teammates and officials; also off the court, how to stay in the right shape and the right foods to be the best player that I can be.

What was going through your body after you made the game winner against Pitt in the 2011 NCAA BB season?
After I hit that game winning shot against Pitt, my body felt numb. It was one of the best feelings in my life, and the best shot I’ve made in my career. Everything just went blank after that shot. All I could see was me and my team.

??Do you still keep in contact with your former SJU teammates?
I keep in contact with all of my former teammates on a weekly basis.

How would you compare playing at MSG, to playing in your current home arena, Palasport Fermi?
There is no comparison between MSG and the Palasport. MSG is the best arena in the world and I hope to play there again!

?What were your expectations for yourself when you first arrived in Italy? Have you exceeded those expectations?
When I first arrived in Italy, my expectations were to do well individually, first for myself, but at the same time, have a successful season and win as much as possible. I think I have achieved those goals.

What are your goals for your team as you head into the playoffs?
My goal for my team as we head into the playoffs of course is to try and win it all. That is the one and only goal!

?What are your basketball plans for the summer?
As for the summer, I plan to make a summer league NBA team and hopefully earn my way on a roster for the 2012-13 season.

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Jammel Cutler Jammel Cutler is a sports columnist that covers the NBA. He can be reached on twitter @JCut_NBA

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  1. Strike

    i saw him play in college, NBA caliber type of player, I hope he get his shot on a nba team, i think he will be a asset to anyteam.

  2. Phil

    Man i saw him play in the Dyckman league a few years ago! dude scored like 50 points one game. I really hope he finds his way on a NBA team #salute

  3. Dana

    The baddest man on the planet or Dwight Top Shelf Hardy, I was there that game against Pitt, MSG went crazy! #SJU #johhnieforlife

  4. Dwayne Robinson

    Great interview, Its nice to see Dwight Hardy is having sucess overseas in italy, Hope his team win the championship, and i hope to see him play in the NBA next season

  5. Denise

    I recall Steve Lavin calling him the best shooter he ever coached, i hope he can translate that into a NBA career. Great interview

  6. Matt

    Fantastic interview! i really enjoy your work. I hated Dwight Hardy in college, because i went to Syracuse, but he was and still is a good player.

  7. Allison Hall

    Cutler, you asked great questions. Well done.

  8. Lamar

    Great questions, i really liked this interview. Im not familar with Dwight Hardy, but he sounds like a hell of player. im going to youtube him

  9. Manny

    Simply put, he used to play against me in Melrose in the community center, about 5-6 years ago, dont think we even held a torch to whatever team he was on, but the shots were just so automatic, I wanted the game to be over after the 1st one dropped and he simply got better and wish him the best, I know he can make a NBA team…has a lot of upside to his game

  10. roy


  11. Craig James

    I hear Dwight is playi g with the NBA summer league this year with the heat, he will be a great addition to any team as a two guard.

  12. Brianna Miller

    #STJBB still running strong, i hope Dwight makes it to an NBA roster real soon.

  13. Milke Sanders

    Btw I also saw Him plAy in Dyckman he has a hell of a shot one of the best college three point shooters I ever meet

  14. Buzzy

    I see DJ being better than many NBA guards and all he need is a chance. I am sure he is built for the task. Lets keep it real he is young and would be a much better fit for any team. How is Telfair still in the NBA and you look over DJ Hardy that is not real. The Kid has NCAA experience and has proven to chop down so called power house schools. I see him in the NBA SOON. Keep your eyes open.

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