Vince Carter Talks About Being Honoured Tonight At Air Canada Centre

“It was amazing. They asked me earlier how I would feel or how would I react. You can’t prepare for that whether it was a surprise or you knew it was coming. It was just an amazing feeling and to just be in the moment. See it. Kind of relive it. As it was happening you see all of the stuff and all of the people you played with. As each play was happening I could remember it like it was yesterday.”

Vince Carter talks about the video montage the Toronto Raptors created and showed to honour his contributions to the franchise

Stephen Curry: The Perfect Shot

Leading up to the start of the regular season, the Muscle Milk brand produced a two-minute content video telling the story of how Stephen Curry changed his entire shot form in high school to set him apart from taller opponents.  

Curry channels his “I Can Do All Things” mindset in the piece to give you a quick inside look at the practice, process and perseverance that led him to develop the perfect shot.