Dwane Casey Explained Why He Took TTC To Game 7


“I got stuck in traffic. I was sitting there in traffic for like 30 minutes and I wasn’t moving. I did a u-turn in the middle of the street and went back home. I jumped on the subway. Good ole reliable subway. I don’t think anyone expected us to be playing today when they planned to have a marathon and a Game 7 on the same day. I got stuck. Believe me, you don’t want to be on a subway going to a Game 7. You saw the pictures and everything. I didn’t think anybody would recognize me but you saw the pictures (on twitter) and everything. I think the shirt gave me away.”

Photo courtesy of Arvin Mednoza on twitter.

Jason Kidd With Some Lofty Praise For Dwane Casey

Dirk Nowitzki (L) and Jason Kidd (R) of

“He’s a competitor. For one, he’s a great person as a coach and off the court too. When you talk about him as a human being he’s as good as it gets. I’m glad he got this second opportunity (to be a head coach in the NBA). He’s never going to quit no matter what the circumstances.  He’s going to fight. When he had a group of guys that believe in what he’s saying you can see that on the floor. You can see that with this current Raptors team that they are going to fight to the end.”

Jason Kidd talking about Dwane Casey

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Jeff Hornacek Impressed With Improvements Toronto Raptors Have Made This Season


“They are a well-rounded team. They’ve got scorers. They’ve got defenders and they really help each other defensively. If you’re not quick with your thoughts and your passes you’re not going to get a good shot off so we are going to really have to execute. I think they are kind of like us in that when you trade a star guy away it gives other guys opportunities to step it up even more. (DeMar) DeRozan and (Kyle) Lowry have done that. It also makes more opportunities for (Jonas) Valanciunas. And then there are some of the pieces that they have added off of the bench. When you look at their bench that comes in – that’s a pretty good bench. (Greivis) Vasquez was a starter last season. (Steve) Novak was a big piece of what New York did last season. (Patrick) Patterson is a great three-point shooter. They’ve added talented guys that can come into the game off the bench and there’s not letting up against these guys.”

Jeff Hornacek

Monty Williams Talks About Being Tough On Greivis Vasquez


“It will be (a nice reunion for me) but Greivis (Vasquez) probably doesn’t want to see me. I was really tough on him. He will probably start itching or sweating when he sees me because he will probably think I will yell at him or something. He was a bright spot for me last season. A big time flagship for our program. He is a guy who came in and worked his tail off. He had his best year with us and I feel fortunate to have been able to coach Greivis. He’s another guy I was really tough on. But I tell the guys we can be friends later or you can get better now, so which one do you want? We can be friends now and you’ll suffer. He was a guy who took hard coaching. He’s a great kid and I know the people up here feel the same way.”

Monty Williams on being tough on Greivis Vasquez last season

Dwane Casey Raves About David Stern’s Impact On The NBA


“He has given an opportunity to so many people in this league. So many people are thankful for his vision and how the NBA has grown. It is unbelievable how much the NBA has grown in my lifetime from one game a week on television to nightly (games on League Pass). Salaries have grown tenfold. New jobs. And, like you mentioned, the popularity has grown all over the world. His vision will go down as something that will never be repeated in our sport. We should all be thankful for his vision and as a minority he has done so much for racial integration. He has provided an opportunity for everyone regardless of their colour. What he fought back in the ’70’s when everybody was against the NBA was huge. I think sometimes it’s lost – it’s not lost on me – on some of the young players how much he did for integration and equality for all races.”

Dwane Casey on David Stern’s impact on the NBA

Casey On Recent Struggles of Valanciunas


“JV is gonna’ be fine. He’s done nothing wrong. Again, there were so many expectations on the young man. Everybody was expecting him to be the next great center right now and he’s not there. He’s going to be some day, but right now he’s still growing and enduring growing pains. He’s facing some great centres. Tonight he’s facing DeAndre Jordan who is one of the more athletic centres he is going to go against. Earlier this week he faced one of the tougher post-up guys in Al Jefferson. So he’s had his hands full the last couple of weeks and it’s nothing he’s done wrong. I think it’s more just who he has gone against in the last week or so.”

Dwane Casey on the recent struggles of Jonas Valanciunas

Vince Carter Proud Of His Legacy In Canada


“It’s a great feeling. For someone who I am now playing against to hear them say I was their hero while growing up and now I’m playing against, first of all, it makes me feel old. I was a Dr. J fan so I couldn’t imagine growing up idolizing Dr J and then playing against him. I did play against Michael Jordan and I had a very strong appreciation for him. When I played against Jordan, I was like, dang. I’m very appreciative for it and I’m very thankful for it. I’m glad I’m still able to be around to play around some of these guys now that are current NBA players and future NBA superstars. It’s just the ground work that was laid. The Raptors’ fans who weren’t really old enough to understand how much fun it was to really come to the games and be a part of it. It was fun. Night in and night out it was a packed house. Loud as hell.”

Vince Carter on what it means to have Canadian players like Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett talk about how his success in Toronto impacted them

Carlisle Explains How He Recruited Casey


“Dwane (Casey) is a longtime friend and a guy I admired from afar before I got to know him well. The year before I came to Dallas we were both sitting out that year; I was doing TV for ESPN and he was doing some studio work for the Seattle team. I actually went out a couple of times to visit him and get to know him a little bit because I wanted to recruit him. I knew he was going to be up for some head coaching jobs too, but if it turned out that he didn’t end up with one and I got one I wanted the opportunity to work with him. Ultimately that’s the way it worked out which was lucky for me. A lot of teams passed Dwane over and he has proven all of them wrong now. Bryan Colangelo was the only guy smart enough to see this guy did a really good job in Minnesota. Bryan saw all of his positive qualities – mainly the fact he was a defense first coach – and Dwane’s first year he took this team that was at the bottom defensively up to the middle to upper tier. That’s extremely difficult to do. I give Bryan (Colangelo) credit for having the foresight, and quite frankly the balls, to hire him. Look, it has been a young team, and so there has been a lot of work to do here, but Dwane has stayed the course and these guys are obviously on the rise.”

Rick Carlisle

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Casey Raves About Hayes’ Old Man Strength

Dwane Casey Rudy Gay trade

“It goes back to years of experience. Chuck (Hayes) has old man strength. That’s the difference. It is. His base is so strong you try to back him down and you just can’t. Where as with Jonas (Valanciunas) he has to learn that. It just takes time. He’ll learn it, but Chuck just knows how to hold his position with that old man strength on (Al) Jefferson and (Marc) Gasol. Also, too, he has the respect of the officials. I think he had one tough call Sunday against Gasol but he did a heck of a job in using his experience and old man strength.”

Dwane Casey