Official Hoops Addict Fantasy Basketball League

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Are you a fellow fantasy basketball geek? If so, I’d like to invite you to join the official Hoops Addict Fantasy Basketball League.

The fine folks at will be hosting the league this year. I’m hoping to give away some prizes at the end of the season to the top teams in the league. I currently have some books from Bobby Knight to give away and I’m still looking for some sponsors to help out with donating prizes.

The strength of is to offer a free and totally innovative Fantasy Basketball game. Through a graphical interface that allows direct interaction with the court, users can create their Fantasy Teams choosing their favorite NBA players.

The management of the team throughout the season is simple and fun: trades and substitutions are possible during each day of the Regular Season and Playoffs in order to select the best starting five for future matches. is very attentive to the scoring logic in order to reward the more strategic users and not the luckiest ones. Users can also create private leagues to challenge their friends (like the Hoops Addict league).

Moreover, from this year DUNKEST has introduced several sections to engage even more its users: a Forum to discuss the performances of the game, a Lineups section to check the probable rosters of the games, and a Statistics section that will be useful to pick the best players available.

Here’s the link to join the league. Of, if you need to search for the legue fter you create your team, the league ID is 0141199740986929.