Bwin ’10 Minute Madness’

Bwin, the largest sports book company in Europe and the sponsor of Euroleague Basketball has announced the launch of a new interactive game called ‘10 Minute Madness‘. This digital game has the potential to change the way people passively watch basketball into a game in which they interact in real time. The game adds an entirely new dimension to the Euroleague as basketball fans use this social gaming platform in order to make real time predictions about what will happen in the game, and then sit back and see if they are correct. The game makes use of new innovative second screen technology.

The game is free to play and can be used on a number of alterative platforms which include Apple iOS iPhones and iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, along with more traditional web browsers. The game is played on a quarter by quarter basis and each quarter they make predictions on the winner, the actual scores, the scorers and other game events. Each time that they make a correct prediction they receive game points along with an opportunity to win a number of prizes including basketball merchandise, match tickets and highly coveted tickets to the London Euroleague Final Four including a VIP Courtside pass.

Players can interact socially on twitter via #Makeyourplay and share their thoughts and experiences on the game.
Daniele Sano, the bwin lead on Sponsorship & Events explained that the aim of ‘10 Minute Madness’ of was to bring to our living rooms the thrill of Euroleague in such a way that basketball fans are involved in the action constantly adding that “our approach is to bring real added value to our partnership with Euroleague and make a meaningful and longstanding connection with fans”.

The Euroleague Basketball Business Development Officer Roser Queraltó concurred adding that “This is another great example of Bwin bringing something new to the Euroleague experience, enhancing the action for dedicated fans everywhere.”

Ross Launches “Dunk Cancer Month”

Terrence Ross, a guard for the Toronto Raptors, announced that he will launch a three-part fundraising campaign in partnership with Dunk Cancer, and it’s month-long initiative, Dunk Cancer Month, during the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas.

Ross has committed to help raise money to benefit the Children’s Cancer Association and Jefferson High School, in Portland, Ore.

“I’m beyond excited to have been selected to compete during this year’s slam dunk contest in Houston,” said Ross. “I wanted to take this opportunity to share my good fortune with others less fortunate. Through my mother’s experience working with children, I have become aware of how cancer affects them. I’m just doing my part to try to help kids that are in need. Partnering with Dunk Cancer, to benefit the Children’s Cancer Association and my high school back home, allows me to lend my ‘name’ to a good cause.”

To kickoff the All-Star break, this Thursday, February 14, Ross will host a 72-hour, Twitter-based online fundraiser from his @T_DotFlight31 twitter handle. Using the #dunkcancer hash tag, he will encourage Twitter to support Dunk Cancer Month by purchasing Dunk Cancer merchandise (T-shirts, hoodies etc.) at During the campaign he will trade and RT tweets, talk about his All-Star Weekend experiences, run contests and announce surprises for Twitter users.

One hundred percent of the profits raised from merchandise sales will be donated to Dunk Cancer Month.

At the epicenter of his campaign­—during his participation in the 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk—Ross has committed to donating $2,000 to Dunk Cancer for every round he advances in the three-round slam-dunk competition.

As Ross gets back to business, starting the second half of the NBA season, Tuesday, Feb. 19 in Washington, D.C. vs. the Wizards, in spirit he will be with Jefferson High School as they compete against Benson High School. Ross has committed to donate $500 for each dunk Jefferson players make during the game, up to $2,000. The money will go to support the school’s athletic program.

The Dark Horse Teams of the East and West

With the NBA season rolling along, fans are looking ahead to the playoffs and trying to see what teams might be in a good position to make a splash in the post-season. A solid knowledge of the teams that have an outside chance at making a title run could help lots of bettors make good money beating Vegas odds. At a time when many are looking for viable NBA wagering strategies, we will discuss two teams (one from each conference) that have a good shot at surprising some people in the playoffs.

Western Conference – Golden State Warriors

The Warriors’ playoff chances start and stop with their all-star point guard Stephen Curry. Curry is looking to become the first player in NBA history to average 3+ threes and 6+ assists per game. With Monta Ellis shipped out of town in the off-season, the team is fully Curry’s to run and he has taken it by the reigns this season. If he can stay healthy, the Warriors have enough of a supporting staff to make some noise in the West. Rookie Harrison Barnes has been coming on strong as of late and is starting to string together some consistent scoring games. David Lee is good for a double-double every night and Andrew Bogut has returned to the starting lineup now. As always, the big question marks surrounding this year’s Warriors is defense. They will have no problem scoring the ball but they need to be able to get stops on the other side of the ball as well. If they can play some sound defense and Curry can stay healthy, look for the Warriors to make it to the Western finals.

Eastern Conference – Indiana Pacers

The Pacers have emerged in the East due to the strong play of all-star Paul George. He has come into his own this season with Danny Granger sidelined and has become the team’s go-to scorer. What makes George so valuable is his prowess on the defensive side of the ball as well, averaging a combined 3+ steals and blocks per game. George is aided with the stellar play of David West, who has rediscovered the fountain of youth since returning from ACL surgery. George Hill and Roy Hibbert round out a strong starting 5 and with Granger returning, the Pacers have good depth to make a solid run to the Eastern finals this year.

Should Celtics Trade Their Vets?

Injuries have forced the Boston Celtics to decide if they should make another run with an older core ravaged by injuries or if they should break up the core and start to rebuild.

When Rajon Rondo went down with a season-ending injury to his knee last month, Boston’s head coach, Doc Rivers, was adamant about playing out the season with his veterans. You’ll have a hard time finding any NBA betting odds that favour the gamble on the Celtics making a legit run in the playoffs this season with Rondo now out of the mix.

“We aren’t going anywhere,” Rivers boldly told Yahoo! Sports after it was announced Rondo was done of the season. “I don’t get that thinking. You couldn’t get what you wanted [in deals]. I still like our team. We’re going to figure it out.”

The latest injury is to rookie big man Jared Sullinger. While he was only averaging a shade under 20 minutes per game, they were big minutes because it allowed Boston to keep Kevin Garnett on his minutes cap and allowed the team to play Jeff Green mostly at small forward and at power forward only in stretches when the team elected to go small.

Now Boston lacks depth – or even a legit starting option – at point guard and their front court depth and rotations are shot.

Boston’s general manager, Danny Ainge, refuses to push the panic button and hit reset while committing to rebuilding.

“In our situation, you can’t just philosophically say, ‘We’re going to do this,’ ” Ainge told Yahoo! Sports. “You have to tell me what it is. You have to tell me what opportunities we have.”

“Here’s the thing: If I wanted to say, ‘Hey, let’s play for the future,’ that’s hard to do. And if I play only for the ‘here and now,’ that’s hard to do.”

Granted, there aren’t too many takers for aging vets like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce who have bloated contracts, but those are two veterans players who have won NBA Championships.

Garnett is just the kind of vocal leader a young team like the Los Angeles Clippers could use and it’s hard to see a team gearing up for a Championship being able to pass on either player if they are put on the market. Hence the rumours that Kevin Garnett may be dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers for Eric Bledsoe and either Caron Butler or DeAndre Jordan.

Both Boston and Los Angeles have fervently denied this rumour has any substance, but it stands to reasons that Boston might have leaked this to see what they could get for Garnett – similar to what Memphis did last month when they leaked that Rudy Gay might be heading to Phoenix for Jared Dudley and some spare parts. There’s little doubt that rumour is what spurred Bryan Colangelo from picking up the phone and getting active in trade discussions with Memphis.

Something Boston has to consider is that by putting either player on the market it could result in a couple teams getting in a bidding war just to block someone from obtaining Garnett or Pierce. You’d have to hope that players like Pierce and Garnett – who have both played in the NBA for more than a decade – would have the maturity and ability to block out any trade talk.

Regardless of who leaked those trade talks, when there’s blood in the water so the sharks are sure to circle. Or, in this case, the internet and twitter are bound to explode with trade rumours that hold the potential to distract even a veteran team like Boston.

The intriguing thing about Rondo’s injury is Boston is currently on a four game winning streak and the Celtics offence appears to have improved since Rondo has been out of action. Somehow a bunch of combo guards and shooting guards have wrestled control of a once stagnant Celtics attack and the team appears to be showing signs of life again. Shocking since Rondo is widely considered one of the best point guards in the world and a player who is thought of as the maestro’s of Boston’s offence.

Still, despite Boston’s moderate winning streak, it’s tough to see the merit in riding out the season with a roster that forces Rivers to play combo or shooting guards as point guards. It’s clearly a situation that would have been more realistic if Boston had a backup point guard like Jarrett Jack, Jose Caldeorn or Steve Blake on their roster.

Just don’t tell that to their head coach or general manager.

“You can write our obituary,” Rivers recently dared a reporter. “(But) I won’t.”

Score with the Slam Dunk Slot Machine

With the National Basketball Association’s season in full swing right now, fans clamour for more ways to enjoy their favourite spectator sport of American Basketball. For many, the answer is often as simple as a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away. Some online casinos like offer various slot machines with themes pertaining to the sport. Slam Dunk Slots is one slot that meets this criteria as it centers on a basketball theme.

The Slam Dunk Slot is a five reeled slot machine with nine paylines. Like other slots machines Slam Dunk offers users multipliers, wild symbols, scatter symbols and not one but two different bonus rounds. The symbols on the reels come from basketball. With such symbols as sneakers, players, jerseys, arenas, referees and cheerleaders Slam Dunk is a fun slot machine. Players can bet as little as $0.01 with this slot machine or as much as $1.00.

A special feature of this slot machine is the double up option. Any time you win on the reels, this option can be selected. In order to do so, players just need to click on the quit or double button. A face down card will be shown. Players must decide if the card is either red or black which provides players with favourable 50/50 odds. If a player guesses correctly, then their winnings will be doubled. On the other hand, an incorrect guess means the winnings are lost. It is possible to continue doubling your winnings as much as you like. The wild symbol in Slam Dunk is a red jersey emblazoned with the initials M.J. – hinting at its mention of the basketball great Michael Jordan. When five jerseys appear on one of the nine paylines, the top prize awarded to players is 9,000 times the original bet for a maximum of 45,000 coins.