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Spurs Are Playing Old School Basketball

The San Antonio Spurs have put on a passing clinic during the first two games of the Western Conference Finals. Their spacing is incredible. They share the ball and do not care who gets the credit.

Plus, Tony Parker has been very good. Last night in Game 2 the point guard shot 16-21 from the field. When hoops people discuss the best point guards in the league you rarely hear his name in the conversation. I’d take him to run my team any day.

The Spurs bread and butter has been their use of the pick-and-roll. In Game 1 they ran a P-N-R 86 times! It’s not old school basketball, it’s the right way to play. No high-flying dunks that everyone seems to be enamored with.  It’s driving, passing and cutting. The way the game should be played. It’s beautiful basketball.

Here’s another huge key in their offense: they don’t take bad shots nor do they force the issue.

Tim Duncan blocked four shots in Game 2 placing him second all-time in blocked shots. He’s now only three behind Kareem Abdul-Jabber.

San Antonio has now won 20 games in a row, including 31 of the their last 33.

Everyone praising Gregg Popovich last night for exploding at Tony Parker during a timeout; It’s something (yelling at a player) that needs to be done at times. Too many people get upset when they see a coach yelling at a player. From afar, you really have no clue what the coach is saying.

All high School and college basketball players (and even some NBA guys) should be required to watch the Spurs on offense.

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