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Rockets Acquire James Harden

The Houston Rockets have traded Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, and future draft picks for James Harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder parted ways with Harden after he declined a reported 4 year $53-54 million dollar contract extension from the Thunder, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

The draft picks headed to the Thunder from the Rockets include two 2013 first-round picks (via Dallas and Toronto) as well as one 2013 second-round pick (via Charlotte).

The Rockets will also receive Cole Aldrich, Daequan Cook, and Lazar Hayward in the trade.

Unlike past scenarios where significant players have stretched the extension story along, the Thunder wasted no time acquiring a talented scorer in Martin, and a future scorer in Lamb. Martin will likely be a rental, while Lamb may be the perfect complement player depending on his progression.

The Rockets on the other hand were desperately looking for a potential all-star caliber player that they now receive with Harden. The backcourt dynamic now bursts with intrigue, as Jeremy Lin and James Harden team up for the Rockets.

General Manager Daryl Morey has been often praised for his savvy techniques and number conscious style, but has received his fair share of criticism as well. When will he land a star? When will he leave the little fish, and go for the big one?

James Harden is by far Morey’s big splash move, and he will relentlessly continue adding to this young Rockets team. The campaign motto this season is it’s “A New Age.” The Rockets are certainly living by that motto, and finally make a move that will likely create some stability for the future.

Wojnarowski also reports that the Rockets will sign Harden to a max extension deal by Wednesday’s deadline, that will range from four or five years, at $60 million.

It’s a bold move by the organization that’s moving forward in a big way.


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  • Ryan McNeill

    I’m still shocked OKC didn’t hold onto Harden for this season. Worst case scenario they would match next summer for only $5 million more over five season. They could have also signed him and dealt him at some point.

    I’m baffled OKC made this move…

  • Jeanette Adair

    I’m a Woman, and know that OKC has made a stupid ” Move “James Harden was one of the Key Players. OkC is my Team. Now I can see if he wss askng for 75 Million dollars are 100, only 5 more than what was offered. First of all I think the income of all of the Players need to be LOOKED at. THe Salary caps are to high, James Harden should have taken the contract for the 53 million. He surely can live on 53 million for 4 years. I live on 2 ,122, a month. I wish some of these Rich Paying Players would Help me. They want give a person like me who has MS, a look. My Comment- GO OKC, You guys are still my TEAM.

  • Zach

    When I first saw at the trade I thought that Harden was crazy for refusing to sign over a measly $5 million, when he has the chance to play for a contender for years, and I still have some reservations about his decision. But come on people, OKC aren’t the poor family run business that they’re trying to portray themselves as.
    Clay Bennett, who’s absolutely loaded, decided to move the team from a mid-sized market (Seattle) to a small market–no one forced him to do that. They didn’t want Harden signed to a max deal because it would eat their profits–$30 million last season–not because they’d go bankrupt having to pay the luxury tax.
    And at the end of the day, Harden is 23, he’s a starter in this league, possibly a top-15 NBA player, and he’s entitled to a max deal.