Rob Hennigan Named Orlando Magic GM

The Magic will introduce a new general manager Thursday afternoon. After an exhaustive search, Orlando selected Rob Hennigan to be the team’s general manager, setting a new direction for the franchise.

Hennigan comes from the Spurs/Thunder family after starting out as an intern in San Antonio in 2004. He spent the last four years working with Sam Presti in Oklahoma City as the team’s lead scout and the last two years as the team’s assistant general manager. There is no doubting that his philosophies will be rooted in a championship pedigree. He was a three-time conference player of the year at Emerson College. Winning is in his blood, it seems.

Still, Hennigan is young and many believe he will bring fresh ideas and a new perspecitve to the Magic. He is born of the Thunder and Spurs family, but many suspect he will be his own man too.

Hennigan has a lot of work ahead of him to rebuild the Magic.

“It is with great enthusiasm and optimism that we announce Rob Hennigan as our new General Manager,” Magic CEO Alex Martins said. “Rob is an astute strategist and evaluator of talent who comes to the Magic family from two championship-level organizations. We feel he is an outstanding fit and the right choice to lead our Basketball Operations team in achieving our championship goals.”

The first task is finding a new coach, preferably before the Draft. The Draft will be his first real big decision after that. But the biggest decision comes with how he deals with Dwight Howard.

Howard said he wanted a coach and a general manager he could connect with. There is no doubting that a 30 year old is going to have a better time connecting with a young superstar than one of the retreads or “hardened” veteran general managers. This hire was not all about that. Hennigan is qualified on his own and is not going to have qualms about trading Dwight Howard if he will not commit past this year.

The Magic are a major problem to solve that is for sure. Patience may be needed to clean up this mess and create the kind of situation that has led to San Antonio and Oklahoma City’s success.

Hennigan is the man the Magic have chosen to do it. On to the next era…

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  1. geoff

    rob u are a terrible gm trading away ryan anderson for gustavo ayon, how could you do this? just giving us magic fans one more thing to be sad about why did you do this? i could be a better gm cause i know not to trade away one of our best players for some ramdom guy who is no where near as talented as ryan please have a miserable time as magic gm

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