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NBA 2K12 Giveaway

HOOPSADDICT.com has linked up with the good folks at 2K Sports to give away two copies of NBA 2K12.

To enter, just answer one simple question: NBA 2K12 features a number of historic teams from the ’64-’65 Boston Celtics to the ’97-’98 Chicago Bulls. If you could control any team in NBA history, who would it be and why?

Please mention in your comment what video game system you own.

Good luck! The two winners will be announced on November 17th, 2011.

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  • Kerem Ozkan

    Any team, huh? I’ll pass on those already available in the game, and speak for one that’s missing.

    The 2000-01 76ers. The only living legend not available on NBA 2K12 is Allen Iverson. He never won a championship, and his reputation is rightfully tarnished. But there’s no denying his stylistic influence on the league. In terms of image, celebrity and game, he’s still the biggest thing to happen to the league since Jordan. And at six feet, his scoring ability is simply unparalleled in the modern age. His combination of handle, speed, shooting, finishing, and swagger would make him amazing to play. It would be amazing to see him in his prime, matched up against the new PG wave (CP3, Deron, Rondo).

  • Rignam Wangkhang

    I am a diehard Toronto Raptors fan, therefore the logical team for me to control would be the 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors team. This was a team destined for greatness barring egos and an incompetent front office. As I sat and observed the discussion between Oakley, Carter and McGrady on the newest Off the Record, you could see the regret and “what could have been” look in each of their respective eyes.

    As the Great Oak stated, “You don’t break up a team that went to game 7 against an NBA finals team.” Especially one that featured 2 budding superstars in T-Mac and VC. Electrifying athletes who were entering the prime of their careers. Just the mere thought of those two playing together in their prime elicits salivation, and salacious thoughts. Moreover, you cannot count out their supporting cast. Starting with Charles Oakley, the jumpshooting enforcing team leading son of a gun. The only man who was able to hold the 2 superstars accountable. Then you have Antonio Davis, the workman, grinding center with a chip on his shoulder. Doug Christie, the defensive specialist. Dell Curry, the veteran sharp shooter. And last but not least, Alvin Williams. The heart and soul of the team, the definition of “leaving it all out on the court.” The man sacrificed his ankles for the greater good!

    Being able to control the only team that ever had a chance to do something great in Toronto, and DO something great with them. Would be the pinnacle of my 2K12 experience, and that is saying a lot considering how flawless the game is.

  • Nik Marwaha

    I would chose the 1995 Washington Bullets with a young Chris Webber, J-Ho (Juwan Howard), a rookie Rasheed Wallace,a 7’7″ George Merasean, and Mark Price. The Quad Towers would be unstoppable.


  • Andrew

    Gotta be the 95-96 bulls. Possibly the best team ever. 72 wins in a season is unfathomable these days (especially in a shortened season haha). Mj scottie and rodman were unreal!

  • Leon

    2010–11 Orlando Magic, so I could not make the December trades and see how their season would have fared.

  • john oh

    I would have to pick the ’97-’98 Chicago Bulls because it was Jordan’s sixth career title and MVP, the most by a single player since the formation of the NBA. However, we should not rule of supporting cast, such as Pippen and Rodman.

    In addition, during the Championship series, Jordan was sick and was still able to accomplish beating the Utah Jazz with leading or one of the premier post-up player Malone and leading number one assist, John Stockton.

    the ’64-’65 Boston Celtics were a great team (8th Championship) at that time, but however the leagued lacked competitiveness, only 10 teams, whereas today there are 30 teams.

  • Jeff Albright

    72-10 Bulls or the Pacers who made it Finals w/ Reggie, Mullin, Rose etc…

  • Mike

    I would choose the 85-86 Boston Celtics. Even though I’m not a Celtic fan, I think they are one of the few “all-time” great teams that could win in any era and that were a joy to watch. They played as a team, had shooters, a great bench, terrific team defense, rebounding, interior presence, experience and guts.

    I’m an XBOX 360 guy.

  • Aaron Bronsteter

    XBOX 360

    The 1987-88 Washington Wizards

    Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues on the same team.

    Not to mention an aging Moses Malone and Bernard King

  • Josh

    Gotta’ be the 1985-86 Hawks. Look at this roster:

    1985-86 Hawks: Doc Rivers, Randy Wittman, Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Willis, Tree Rollins, Cliff Levingston, Eddie Johnson, Jon Koncak, Spud Webb, Antoine Carr, Scott Hasting

    Can you imagine The Human Highlight Film + Spud dunkin’ all over everyone?

    Would love to rock this team on my XB360.

  • Terrell W.

    199-2000 LAKERS

    XBOX 360

  • Alex

    I know it’s almost too obvious–but how can you not pick the ’96-’97 Bulls? If that team existed in today’s video game world they’d be one of those teams you couldn’t be when playing against your friends because it’s too unfair.

    Rodman is a perfect rebounder/grinder that you never need to pass the ball too, but know that he’ll pick up all your misses. Steve Kerr fulfills the role of the mandatory three point specialist on every video game roster. Every team needs that guy who can shoot you back into the game.

    But Kerr would just be an accessory when you get bored, because how could you ever fall behind with Jordan and Pippen? Isolation kings? Check. Fast break monsters? Check. Defensive terrors? Could you imagine sending Pippen and Jordan to double team your best player down the stretch? Jordan would probably have an 175 clutch rating.

    Trying to recreate 72-10, winning Jordan’s 6th ring and doing it all with Canadian (woo!) Bill Wennington? No brainer.

    (Xbox 360)

  • Brandon S.

    I would have to go with the 87-88 Detroit Pistons because Isiah was a beast that season. Even though they didn’t win the title during this season, Isiah Thomas had a .463 FG%, he was hard-working when it came to winning games that year especially in the playoffs, and finals.

    Not to mention a memorable game that Isiah had during this season was the 87-88 finals game 6 against the Lakers when he made 43 points(25 In 4th), and 8 assists with a severely sprained ankle. This shows to prove that he like (Michael Jordan), earned his right to be called a legend with the hard work he showed on the court.

    PlayStation 3

  • Karthik Selvakumar

    This is an extremely difficult question. Being a Lakers fan–I have to go with a Los Angeles Lakers team that has existed over the past several decades. It might be an easy decision to go with the historic Jerry West-led teams, or the various “Showtime” teams, or even the more recent Kobe-Shaq dynasty teams, but I would have to choose the 2005-06 Lakers. Though I consider Magic Johnson to be the greatest Lakers player of all-time, I was not lucky enough to be born early enough to appreciate that ‘Showtime’ era to its fullest. Though I greatly appreciate Shaq for the three championships from ’00-’02, Kobe had always been my favorite player even during that run.

    I began watching NBA basketball and the Lakers, in particular, during the 1996-97 season. The disappointments in the ’97 and ’98 playoffs led me to root against the Jazz in both of those years’ Finals. As a young kid, I cursed Kobe during the ’97 playoffs wondering why Nick the Quick wasn’t taking control of this game but admired the rookie’s courage. I actually cried during the ’98 playoff elimination damning coaching decisions. I was the only one of my friends who wasn’t completely enamored by Michael Jordan’s winning.

    After the 2005-06 season began with the summer death of George Mikan, the first true Lakers (and NBA, for the matter) superstar, I was hoping for a redemption. Missing the playoffs the previous year was not fun. It hurt–worse than the ’97, ’98, and ’04 playoff eliminations. Though the eventually ’06 playoff exit burned massively, the thrills of the regular season and playoffs–through to especially Game 4 was truly amazing. From the return of Phil Jackson, to the return of Kobe’s smile and swagger to his 81-point game bonanza, it was good to be a Lakers fan again. Even if we had to deal with cursing at Smush Paker, Kwame Brown, Brian Cook, Luke Walton, Chris Mihm, and Sasha Vujacic. How exactly did Kobe even lead that team to a winning record and not be given the MVP award? Oh yeah. By completely dominating the game single-handedly. For making me smile again, the ’05-’06 season has to be my pick.

    I’m a PlayStation 3 user. =)

  • Melanie

    I’m a diehard Atlanta Hawks fan. I would have to say the 2010-2011 team because of the talent it holds. I would have made sure we did not pay Joe Johnson as much, but I definitely would have kept him. Jamal Crawford was so great for us and was the difference of the game several times throughout the season so I would secure him with the team. I would erase the dream of being a jump shooter out of J-Smoove’s head and I would develop Marvin Williams.

  • brittany grandy

    I would have to pick the ’97-’98 Chicago Bulls. That was the year the Bulls won their third straight championship and that was Jordan’s 6th career title.

    I’m a Playstation 3 girl

  • Joel Kimmel

    I’d choose the 1992-1993 Phoenix Suns. I loved that team before I became a Bulls fan. I didn’t like the Bulls as an 11 year-old rooting for the Suns in the 93 Finals. I later became a HUGE Bulls fan, but that Suns team would be so much fun to play with: Barkley, Majerle, Ainge, Kevin Johnson, Chambers, Oliver Miller, Ceballos!! Fun to watch, fun to play.
    I play XBox 360.

  • Jon Chen

    ’95 Jazz.

    Stock running the pick ‘n roll with Mailman all day everyday. I remember them going at MJ’s Bulls and putting up a fight every game.

    While they never overcame them in a real-life series, I would want the challenge of beating the GOAT, even if it was only in a virtual game.

  • Jake K.

    I’d want to play with the 1992 Boston Celtics. Bird won’t have the back injury cause it’s a video game and Reggie Lewis will be ready to take off. It’s a Celtics team that couldnt hang in real life due to injury and they deserve a second chance in the virtual world to send Bird out on top.

    Only other option would be 1995 Orlando Magic with Penny and young Shaq. That would be wonderous and backboard shattering. A very underrated team in history that got out matched in the finals due to age and then blown up after Shaq started the Lakers dynasty.

    Xbox 360 swag all day

  • chris d

    any team of da lakers that has KB24 or KB8 will do for me

  • Hugh Panelas

    I would have to go with the 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls. I have been a diehard fan since the 1989 season and after thinking back of the great teams over the years I can’t help but wonder what could have been with this squad if they had’ve been healthy for the entire year.

    They finished with a league best 62 wins…only 10 less than the best ever record set by Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and company back in the 95/96 campaign.

    The 2010-11 Bulls began the year without Carlos Boozer who had broken his hand during training camp and that forced him to miss 2 months of the season. Couple that with Joakim Noah’s hand injury and the large amount of time he missed and the fact that 15 of their 20 losses were by SINGLE DIGITS I can’t help but wonder what could have been.

    I don’t mean to take away from what the 95/96 Bulls accomplished, but a healthy Boozer and Noah along with Rose the MVP and Deng the workhorse, who knows what could have been.

    That’s why I would want them.

  • Brendan

    For me it’s the first season that the raptors came into the league. Take that team which was led by Damon Stouramire and Alvin Robertson , A.C Earl and challenge myself to see how well I could countrol that team in hopes to win a championship.

  • Clau

    I would choose the 2001-2002 Sacramento Kings,with Bibby,Christie,Stojakovic,WEBBER and Divac.I’m not a Kings fan but I hate how the business ruined basketball that year.They stole that team a title,in my opinion.I almost lost my love of the game when I understood what was happening.That’s a crime:letting basketball die for business.And now again money are killing this beautiful sport.I hope that they will at least not try to steal our court on the streets!If there are ballers in the streets still this sport will countinue to live.Without basketball life is nothing..

  • tory

    my pick would be the the 2000-2001 lakers they went 15-1 in the playoffs.In 2001 shaq was unstoppable and you had a young kobe who was the best young talent in the league that time

  • Jennae

    A die-hard Lakers fan, I’d have to say the ’07-08 season. I prefer the team post-Shaq, but the loss to the Celtics in the finals that season was heartbreaking.

  • Kerem Ozkan

    Forgot to mention in previous comment arguing for 2000-01 76ers that I have a PS3!

    Bonus argument: It’d be great if the matchup to unlock the sixers was against the 2001 Bucks that took them to 7 games in the ECF with G-Karl, Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and Glenn Robinson. History seems to have forgotten those guys! They were a great, quirky team, and young Ray Allen ruled.

  • Nicole

    “Aaaaand there’s a steal by Bird…”

    The 1986-87 Boston Celtics are the team I would most like to play with because they defined by basketball experience.

    The game was over. Absolutely and completely over. Isiah was going to inbound to Laimbeer and we were going down 3-2 and going back to Detroit. But Larry Legend made one of most unbelievable plays. He poked the ball away and found DJ for a layup. I don’t think I’ve ever been on as dramatic of an emotional swing in my life. Bird turned the game upside down, resurrected the Celtics in the series, and got me hooked into basketball forever.

    What would I do if I could play with Larry Bird and the ’87 Celtics? I’d run out of bounds over and over again and let Isiah Thomas inbound the ball over and over again until I could re-create the fondest basketball moment of my life.

    (I have an xbox 360)

  • Alex B.

    2001 76ers. One reason: Allen Iverson.

    Iverson was made for video games. Relatively tiny to the giants that tried to guard him, Iverson was virtually indestructible. He would bounce around like a pinball and still hit some pretty remarkable shots. Iverson’s always been a symbol for the fans. He’s the little guy who could. Who despite all of these monsters on the floor, he was the true terror. The quick ball handling, the ice cold veins and sweet jumpers were so much fun to watch–it would be incredible to be able to re-create those moments.

    Iverson has also been easy to identify with–the underdog. And there’s nothing sweeter when in 2001 in Game 1 when AI went into the Staples Center and put on a showcase. Even though he was the smallest player on the floor, I’ll never forget when he stomped over Tyrone Lue’s broken ankles after hitting a three. I know it’s cliche but Iverson wasn’t physically big, but had that biggest heart of a warrior and it’s a shame that his career ended the way he did that all I want to do is relive the good ‘ol AI days.

    I have an xbox 360. Thanks for running this contest!

  • Eden

    (I play an XBOX 360)

    If I could be any team in a video game I would be the 1986-87 Boston Celtics. They had 5 hall-of-famers on their roster and four on the “Greatest 50 players of all time” list.

    The team went 40-1 at home and was virtually unstoppable. Larry Legend was made for video games hitting jumpers left, right and centre. Three point shooters are lethal in video games and I’d be stroking it from everywhere.

    Not only that but being able to play with Danny Ainge would give me a taste of the modern Celtics which I’m so deprived of given this lockout!!

    I don’t think much more explanation is needed. The team won the NBA Finals, has some of the most revolutionary players in NBA history and it’s only fault is that it missed out on the video game generation…but now, (hopefully), I’ll get my shot to relive Celtics history…at least virtually.

  • Adam

    I have Xbox 360
    If any team, I’d go with the 1971-1972 LA Lakers. With a starting lineup featuring the likes of Wilt Chamberlain, Nate McMillan, Gail Goodrich, Happy Hairston. and Jerry West – the model for the logo of the NBA! This is a team that won 33 consecutive games; a team that won 69 games (a record for more than 20 years); a team that once beat Golden State by 63 points! Really, who wouldn’t want to play with Mr Clutch – Jerry West, an assist machine, leading scorer Gail Goodrich and of course I’m extremely excited to score 100 points by Wilt himself.
    Can’t wait for the game!

  • Milan Nikolic

    I would pick ’97-’98 Chicago Bulls, because that year I started to watch NBA, and I was fan of Bulls and Jordan…

    Milan Nikolic

  • Jerel

    Thank you everyone for your submissions. The winners are Kerem Ozkan and Nicole! I will get in touch with you soon.

  • raykim

    I just love NBA 2K12 classic teams. please! Make a DLC add-on for more classic team on nba 2k12, I would pay for 1957 58 Bob Pettit St. Louis Hawks , 1976 Dave Cowens , John Havlicek Celtics, 1975 Bob Love Jerry Sloan Nate Thurmond Norm Van Lier Bulls, 1988 Derek Harper Mark Aguirre Rolando Blackman Sam Perkins Detlef Schrempf Mavericks, 1977 Nuggets 2004 Pistons 1975 Warriors 1995 Pacers (w/o Miller, 1973) 1975 Clippers/Braves 1954 Lakers 1997 Heat 2003 Nets 1979 Sonics 1966, 2001 Sixers 1993 Suns (w/o Barkley, 1976) 1977 Blazers 1964 Kings/Royals 1983 Spurs 1972,1985 Rockets 2001 Raptors 1990 Jazz 1978 Wizards/Bullets and more