NBA Draft Preview

With the NBA Draft happening in a couple of days I was able to chat with Randy from Rush The Court, Matt from Ridiculous Upside and Darren from Dynasty Sports Reps to give listeners the scoop on the 2008 NBA Draft.

Some of the topics we covered include:

* Matt from Ridiculous Upside talking about why Derrick Rose should be drafted by the Chicago Bulls
* Darren from Dynasty Sports Reps explaining what an agent does to prepare a client for the draft
* Randy from Rush The Court justifying why he would take Michael Beasley with the top pick

Click here to listen to this Hoops Addict Podcast.


Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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  • Ryne Nelson

    Great episode, but I think Matt gives Hinrich far too much credit. The guy had the worst season of his career and played no better than a mediocre backup. There is no way to spin it – Hinrich’s fallen off. He and his fat contract need to leave Chicago if the Bulls are to have any success next season.

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  • Darren Heitner

    Great work Ryan. I really enjoyed having the conversation with you. Looks like we got our basketball division all started up now. Can’t wait to return to your show in the future.

  • The Zoner

    Hinrich is anything but a pure point. He can’t get to the basket (or the foul line), nor does he “run the offense well”. He’s a solid player, but also a combo guard. Many would argue much more 2 than a 1.

  • Ryan McNeill

    Ryne – Thanks for the comments, glad to see your checking out the show. I’ve been a big fan of Odenized this season and it’s amazing to see you came across Hoops Addict. Hopefully you keep checking out the site this summer. However, with regards to Hinrich, I think it was just a case of a bad season which all players have in their career. Even with his game being off he posted comparable stats to the season before and if I were a gm I’d never sell low.

    Darren – Thanks for being on the show! It was great chatting hoops with you and I’m stoked to hear how your clients will do this summer. It will be a great show in the fall when I have you back on to talk about how their summer unfolded and where they’ll be playing basketball next season.

    Zoner – So what your saying is the Bulls currently have three combo guards in Hinrich, Hughes and Gordon? Ouch.

  • Brendan de Haan


    Hinrich is far from an SG in this league. To even say that he can be a combo guard is the NBA is not a good statement to be made. Hinrich is at best an average passer with the ability to shoot in and out of a slump like John Starks for the Knicks. The best thing the bulls can do is trade him when they draft Rose. It is a big no-no to pass up on a potential superstar at the point guard spot. Take Atlanta, drafting Marvin Williams before Chris Paul AND Deron Williams. Atlanta missed out on 2 PG’s that will star in this league for minimum 10 years for an average wing player which is a dime a dozen. The Bulls will not make the same mistake.

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