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Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings – Version 1.0

Welcome back to another season of the Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings! For those of you who are new to this, the guys at BrewHoop organized a bi-weekly blogger poll, ranking the Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year candidates in the NBA. BrewHoop hosted the first installment last season and now, right here at Hoops Addict, we’ve got the debut for the 2008/09 season.

Before we get into the results, meet our panel of contributors. Participating this time around were the following bloggers:

* Jonny from Lakers Nation
* Trevor from Hoops Addict
* Ben from Thank You Isiah
* Don from With Malice
* Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm
* Brett from Queen City Hoops
* Ryne from Slam Magazine
* Rock from Waiting For Next Year
* Mookie from A Stern Warning
* John from Red’s Army
* Basketbawful
* Rob from Upside and Motor
* At The Hive
* Ben from Third Quarter Collapse
* Jeramey from The Bratwurst
* Ben from Blazers Edge
* Truth About It
* Graydon Gordian from 48 Minutes of Hell
* College Wolf from TwolvesBlog.com
* Jeremy from Pickaxe And Roll
* Wyn from Canis Hoopus
* James from Dino Nation Blog
* Ricky from Sixers 4 Guidos
* Mike from DallasBasketball.com
* Bret Peachtree Hoops
* Raptors Republic
* Brandon from Baller Blogger
* Dave from The Dream Shake
* Ryan from Hoops Addict

Votes were compiled on a simple 10-9-8 etc. and 5-4-3 etc. basis. Points are listed, with first place votes in parentheses. The following lists are composite rankings which take into consideration the votes of all 15 panelists based on the above scoring system.

I thought about making my own comments each time, but, to be brutally honest, a lot of the comments from other bloggers were more insightful. So, with that in mind, I’ve passed on leaving my own comments and instead used comments from other bloggers instead.

Most Valuable Player Voting

1- Lebron James (244 points)
“After a somewhat slow start, James has ignited and reminded the entire league that no player alive has more physical gifts than the man-child from Akron.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“Yeah, so he’s averaging numbers that would melt Cerebro. He’s averaging more assists than most point guards. He’s within range of averaging a triple-double. Think about that. Now go watch the free throw dunk. Goodnight.” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“Getting closer and closer to being the unquestioned best player in the world – and he is not yet 24.  The next decade is going to be awesome.” Brett from Queen City Hoops

“A very close second. James put up some historic stat lines just nine games into the year. This will probably be his year.” Ryne from Slam

“When asked what his ideal stat line would be this year, LeBron responded with: 22-10-10. He’s not too far off at 29-8-7. The Cavaliers are off to their best start ever with LeBron. They’re second in the East in scoring and fifth in points against. They look like a complete team right now, and that all starts with the most complete player they have, LeBron.” Rock from Waiting For Next Year

“He’s the NBA Moses…the paint opens up on his command.” Basketbawful

“The King’s stat line (through Sunday) shows 29.8 points per game, 8.0 rebounds per game, and 7.3 assists per game. But the most important number might be this one: 37.5 miutes per game, the lowest of his career. If Mike Brown can keep his minutes down,  LeBron will be even more monstrous in April, May, and–dare I say it?–June.” Ben from Third Quarter Collapse

2. Kobe Bryant (189 points)

‘He buzzed through Dallas this week and afforded Jerry Stackhouse a last gasp of glory as Stack contributed to The Drama Queen’s “off game’’ by helping to “hold’’ him to 27 points. After the game, Kobe left a half-empty bottle of Gatorade in an interview room and a local radio station grabbed it and offered it as an on-air giveaway prize.And the phone lines went nuts. For Kobe’s backwash. That’s your MVP. ” Mike from DallasBasketball.com

“This is about so much more than just stats. You could look at Kobe’s numbers and see that his scoring is down to his lowest in five years. His assists are down, his rebounds are down. But what’s important about Kobe is what’s not down, and that’s his team. The Lakers’ 7-0 start and 18 ppg average margin is pretty spectacular, and Kobe’s ability to fit in with this team and not make it about him winning scoring titles is why he’s my early season MVP.” Rock from Waiting For Next Year

“If ‘Bron was anything less than an Übermensch, Kobe would stand proudly on top.  Tough luck, dude.” Rob from Upside and Motoring

“Yeah, I know everyone’s gonna have him at least Top 5 because of the Lakers’ record. But you know what? I think that’s lazy. LA’s start has been more about the awesome bench play, the performances of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, and the willingness of Lamar Odom to join the second unit than it has been about Kobe.” At The Hive

“While I think ultimately King James will win, it will be very hard to argue with picking Bryant if the Lakers continue to tear through the league as they have been thus far. At this point it appears they may win 70 games and, for now at least, Bryant is the pick.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“Why? Because if I don’t the Lakers will destroy me like they’re destroying everyone else. Best player on the absolute best team? Yes, please.” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“It’s hard to put up MVP numbers in 32 minutes a game.” Jonny from Lakers Nation

“He got first billing in Free Darko’s book.  His team has the best record in the league.  I probably should have ranked him higher than #2.” Ben from Blazers Edge

3. Chris Paul (168 points)
“Picking up right where he left off.  Leading the league in assists, scoring points, looking studly, you know the drill.  Being that voters always reward the second most deserving player from the previous season, CP3 is a lock to win it this year.” College Wolf from TwolvesBlog.com

“The only thing keeping the Hornets from being a sub .500 team is Paul’s brilliance. He’s been a one-man team on a  core that”s struggling to shoot. I would not expect him out of the top 3 for long.” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“The only player who can produce 22, 5, and 12 (while shooting 55% and leading the league in steals) and actually be a little disappointing.” Ben from Thank You Isiah

“Continued comparisons to Oscar.  No, not ‘The Grouch.’” Don from With Malice

“It’s very simple.  When you do things Oscar Robertson hasn’t done, you’re a top choice.” John from Red’s Army

“Better numbers than Steve Nash in his MVP seasons.  Now if he was only a couple of inches taller, the defensive end of the court would be less of an issue.  Someone should make him watch Gattica and tell him to take the hint.” Brett from Queen City Hoops

“I just purchased a Fred Flinston-style wooden club, and I’m going to use it to knock out the next person who starts a “CP3 versus Deron” debate.” Basketbawful

“You know it’s a mad world when 21,11.5 and 3 steals isn’t enough to get top billing for the MVP race.” Rob from Upside and Motoring

“His worst game this season has been a 17 point, 9 assist, 6 board, 4 steal, 0 turnover performance. That tells you all you need to know.” At The Hive

4.  Dwyane Wade (147 points)

“Wade has almost no chance at the trophy given where his Miami team will finish in the standings, but he is playing some of the best basketball of his career presently.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“Holy revival!  Wade is back in black.  He’s scored 30 or more points the past four games and it doesn’t look like anyone can stop him when he wants to score.  And looking at the rest of his teammates, he’s going to need to “want to score” every play for them to have any chance at winning.” College Wolf from TwolvesBlog.com

”A Lebron-lite if you will.” Jonny from Lakers Nation

“I love Wade – but I hate the “doubt” commercials.  Seriously, I am tired of the whole “I/we don’t get any respect” angle.  You were the 5th overall pick in the NBA draft – no one thought you were going to suck.” Brett from Queen City Hoops

““The Heat are .500 without Shawn Marion. Why? Because Wade’s Belief Is Stronger Than Your Doubt!” Ryne from Slam

“The guy is 6’4″ and averaging 1.6 bpg!!! The Olympics was a great training session for this season, clearly.” Mookie from A Stern Warning

“Dwyane Wade is playing out of this world. Not only is he filling up the stat sheet, even to the tune of 1.6 blocks per game, but he’s creating for his teammates like he’s never done before. Just look at the Miami Heat roster and tell me that they’d have one win without D-Wade. At this point in the season, you can’t say that about any of the other candidates.” Truth About It

“Somehow, D-Wade has found a way to quietly average career-highs in scoring, steals, blocks, and field-goal percentage while nearing career-highs in rebounding and assists.” Ben from Third Quarter Collapse

5. Dwight Howard (140 points)

“After LeBron, the single most important player to his team. the man would be averaging 25 and 14 with 4 blocks if he could hit even just 60% of his FTS’s.” Jonny from Lakers Nation

“Unreal numbers – but the announcement he would defend his Dunk title sealed the spot.  A star willing to give the fans what they want – how novel (you listening, LeBron?).” Brett from Queen City Hoops

“So, so dominating. How did he not annihilate Olympic competition?” Ben from Thank You Isiah

“Everyone’s upset with his lack of development. But I’ll tell you what. You take a basketball and you drive at him. Better yet, you can try and handle him in the post. Don’t worry. I’ll neatly sweep up your remains and send them home.” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

6. Joe Johnson (110 points)

“24.4, 5, and 5. One loss team that took Boston to the wire in Boston. Completely and totally unknown. Tell his story to the world!” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“Leading the Hawks to up near the top of the East.  Guy’s for real.” Don from With Malice

“Someone has to get credit for Atlanta’s outstanding start – and outside of one game, Al Horford has been only solid, not spectacular.” Brett from Queen City Hoops

“Just think. If the Hawks win 50+ games this year (13+-game improvement), *someone’s* got to get some credit!” Ryne from Slam

“The Hawks surprising start is perhaps the story of the season thus far. A big part of the reason for their hot start is their unbelievable level of defense they are playing, and were it not for injury, I’d probably have Josh Smith here. But alas, I’m going with their offensive catalyst in Johnson. 24.4 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.9 assists, .371 3P%, .457 FG%. While defense may be Atlanta’s bread and butter right now, it’s Joe Johnson’s offense that makes them almost unbeatable.” Rock from Waiting For Next Year

7. Amare Stoudemire (96 points)
“Stoudemire’s case for MVP hinges entirely on the Suns’ ability to stay near the Western leaders. Strictly on numbers, he may be the game’s most efficient big man.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“Take away his huge game against the Pacers, and he probably doesn’t merit Top 10. But that game was jawdropping.” Ben from Thank You Isiah

“He’s teetering on falling out of the top five, but that redonkulous game gives him enough credit to stay here for now. Being essentially ungaurdable helps.” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“Is this the year Black Jesus finally gets more props than Canadian Soccer Jesus?  I hope so.” Ben from Blazers Edge

8. Paul Pierce (83 points)
“Who do you want down one with 10 seconds? You can have Kobe and ‘Bron. I’ll take the Truth. Because he’s on another level right now.” Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“Had basically been ho-hum, until this week, when he stepped up HUGE late in games, much like in last year’s Playoffs.” Ben from Thank You Isiah

“Paul Pierce – My Celtics bias?  Maybe.  Or… maybe it’s 33 points combined in two 4th quarter comebacks to beat the Raptors and Hawks.” John from Red’s Army

“I hate that I just typed that.” Don from With Malice

“I hate the Celtics just as much as I like him. And I like him a lot…” Ricky from Sixers 4 Guidos

“This is as high as he’ll get in his career, so savor it as best you can. He came up huge in the biggest game of the year.” Ryne from Slam Magazine

“The Celtics have picked up right where they left off last year, and it seems like every day on SportsCenter you see highlights of Pierce making clutch plays to lead his team to yet another victory. I know plenty of people think that Garnett is the MVP of the Celtics, but it’s Pierce who is making the biggest plays for the Celtics so far this year.” Rock from Waiting For Next Year

9. Chris Bosh (63 points):
“Because I’ll throw Skeets a bone. Winning an important game would be nice.”  Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

“He’s made The Leap this season. Too bad there has to be 4 other players on the court.” Raptors Republic

“The Raps will go as far as Bosh takes them. So far so good for Toronto and the game’s best power forward.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“I wonder if Denver ever thinks about taking Carmelo over him?  Before you react negatively, look at his numbers, his age, and what you know him for.  His car salesman all-star pitch is you-tube Hall-of-Fame type stuff.  Then tell me you wouldn’t want this guy (and his humor) on your team, representing your city.” Brett from Queen City Hoops

10. Tim Duncan (59 points)
“Who’s putting up 26/11/2 on 55% shooting? I had to look it up, that’s how quietly he’s been doing it.” Jonny from Lakers Nation

“Tim Duncan’s place on this list may seem odd, but with Manu and Parker both out he has carried the Spurs on his shoulders. And I’m not just being a shameless homer. Just because you are bored of seeing him on these lists doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be.” Graydon from 48 Minutes of Hell

“Didn’t everyone pretty much agree that he was washed up like threeyears ago?  25 ppg and 10 rpg says otherwise.” College Wolf from TwolvesBlog.com

“The TD from five years ago traveled here in a time machine to keep the Spurs afloat. It’s the first time we’ve had to watch Duncan play with D-League level talent.” Basketbawful

“I’m usually loathe to vote for players on struggling teams, but Duncan’s a worthy exception to the rule. His consistent 25-point, 10-rebound, 1-block performances mean the Spurs, even at 3-5, can’t be counted out yet, even though they’re missing their only other reliable offensive options.” Ben from Third Quarter Collapse

Also receiving votes: Carlos Boozer (42), Kevin Garnett (37), Brandon Roy (20), Tayshaun Prince (11), Jose Calderon (10). Shaquille O’Neal (8), Tony Parker (8), Devin Harris (5), Tony Parker (4), Deron Williams (4), Chauncey Billups (3), Danny Granger (3), Rudy Gay  (2), Al Jefferson (1), Pau Gasol (1), Andris Biedrins (1), Allen Iverson (1), Rasheed Wallace (1), Yao Ming (1), Al Horford (1).

Rookie of the Year

1. Derrick Rose (106 points)
“He could be the post-Jordan superhero that Chicago has been dreaming of.” Basket Bawful

‘What’s more impressive?  Rose has a team coached by Vinny Del Negro at 5-5 or that he’s averaging 19/6/5 as a fourteen year old in the NBA.  Toss up.” Ben from Blazers Edge

“The mixture of CP3 and Monta Ellis is a bonafide future star.  Don’t forget he’s averaging 19 points per game and 5 helpers.  Oh and he’s super quick, has incredible court vision, and gets to the rim at will.” College Wolf from TwolvesBlog.com

“He hogs it, but he hogs it real good. Polished and perhaps the only good story to come out of this Chicago season.” Mookie from A Stern Warning

2.  OJ Mayo (76 points):
“Oh the agony.  Don’t worry Wolves fans, we didn’t need him and his 21 points per game average.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kevin McHale regime!” College Wolf from Twolvesblog.com

“He’s making Kevin McHale cry at night.” Basketbawful

“I didn’t want to put him in here, but the more I looked at his numbers, I couldn’t avoid it.  He is scoring and little else.  But unlike Durant last year (and Morrison the year before), he is doing it on a fairly efficiency basis.” Brett from Queen City Hoops

“If it wasn’t for the other 19-year-old rook doing his thing 530 miles north, he’d easily be taking home the hardware.” Ryne from Slam Magazine

“He smells like the future and his words feel like flowers.” Rob from Upside and Motoring

3. Rudy Fernandez (65 points)
“Other than Rose, the only rookie that truly makes others better. He has the most complete game of all rookies and has the best chance to make the playoffs.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“He’s ‘only’ averaging 15 points per game on an incredibly deep playoff contender.  He can do it all and is uber-athletic.  And he’s foreign.  That gives him more of a boost right?” College Wolf from Twolvesblog.com

“As much as it pains me to say it, Rudy can play. He can play so well, I think it’s time to start taking him seriously.” Ryne from Slam Magazine

“Sure, he doesn’t rebound and he doesn’t get any assists, but the dude doesn’t miss from outside, and he’s getting better literally with every single game. It’s scary to think how good this guy might end up being.” Rock from Waiting For Next Year

4. Michael Beasley (46 points)
“Who else is surprised that Beasley is a tough call to even make the top 5 rookies so far?” Brett from Queen City Hoops

“Don’t get me wrong. He’s nice. He has great numbers. But he’s just a jump shooter right now. Get in the post!” Ryne from Slam Magazine

“Maturity issues haven’t been an issue. His stats are only slightly below Rose’s despite the fact that he’s the second (and sometimes third) banana in Miami.” Basket Bawful

5. Kevin Love (12 points):
“Marc Gasol’s one game of brilliance nearly got him on my list, but overall Love is the more
consistent, complete player.” Trevor from Hoops Addict

“If his arms didn’t jingle so much when he runs I probably would have ranked him higher.” College Wolf from TwolvesBlog.com

Also receiving votes: Marc Gasol (11), Jason Thompson (10), Mario Chalmers (5), Luc Mbah A Moute (4), JaVale McGee (4), Greg Oden (1), George Hill (1),D.J. Augustin (1).

Photo Credit: ICON Sports Media

Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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