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Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament

Each night ESPN, NBA.com and YouTube are flooded with clips of players soaring through the air for rim rocking dunks, buzzer beating three-pointers and blocked shots that make your jaw drop in amazement. While those are all entertaining plays, teams who win championships need players who are willing to get a little dirty and do the little things needed to help their team win. As valuable and crucial as these players are to their respective teams success, these players rarely get the credit or respect that they deserve. With that in mind, the First Annual Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament will kick off this week.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to pare down 32 participants until we’re left with one final player who will be heralded as the First Annual Floor Burn Tournament Champion. As players are eliminated, they’ll be matched against the bracket below them. For example, the winner of the West/Powe match-up will face off against the winner of Dudley/Nocioni in the second round.

Keep in mind that voting for the first round will end on August 11th at 12:00 AM.

Without further adieu, here are your first round contestants:


Atlanta – Mario West: “Mario West, after being a walk-on at Georgia Tech and playing a full four years, went undrafted but was picked up by the Atlanta Hawks in the summer. He may not have any sort of scoring ability, however, his hustle on defense has kept him around. Since he only plays a handful of minutes a game, he comes in with a lot of energy and is never afraid to guard big names on the other team. It’s either him or Zaza Pachulia, who definitely deserves every award that can be handed out to a person.”
Drew Lichtenstein from Sports Page Atlanta

Boston – Leon Powe: “He pretty much defines the term ‘undersized power forward’ but he’s never backed down from any match up. The Celtics drafted the more recognizable Glen Davis, but Powe hasn’t given up his spot in the rotation. Much like Kevin Garnett, he never takes a play off and he plays tough team defense. Powe even scored more points per game (7.9) than James Posey and Tony Allen.”

Jeff from Celtics Blog

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Charlotte – Jared Dudley: “For the Charlotte Bobcats, who have struggled for wins in their short existence, the floor burn nominee would have to be now-second year forward Jared Dudley. He does not have anything resembling jump-out-of-the-gym athleticism, but he is a heady, smart player, making the most out of his limited tools and just being in the right place at the right time for rebounds, putbacks and steals.”
George from Bobcats Bonfire

Chicago – Andres Nocioni: “Under the tutelage of former Bulls coach Scott Skiles, Andres Nocioni developed precisely into the scrappy player other team’s fans loathed to watch. As crafty as any of his Argentine counterparts, Nocioni married his international skill set with an American penchant for grit. If floor burns are what you’re looking for, consider the man who treats his body like a hand-me-down.”
Austin Kent from Hoops Addict

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Cleveland – Delonte West: “West was with the team only for the last two months of the season and the playoffs, but it took him less time than that to earn the fans’ appreciation. He is sort of a jack of all trades, master of none. He’ll fill any role on the court asked of him, and he’ll give 100% effort in all of them. He plays tremendously hard on defense and has a knack for coming up with a huge block when you least expect it but most need it, or will knock the ball away to create a breakaway situation, or will snag a key rebound. The guy does it all and gives nothing but effort in the process.”
Rock from Waiting for Next Season

Detroit – Jason Maxiell: “If you want a nice guy to go about his business like a mild mannered man you can look past Jason Maxiell. If he’s in the game for a minute or a quarter he’s making an impact. Gobbling up rebounds, throwing down massive dunks and blocking shots that send players to their knees, all with his 6’5″ frame. How can you not vote for the man who Eats Babies on a regular basis and makes no apologies for it?”
Natalie from Need 4 Sheed

Editor’s Note: Jason Maxiell is still Bizarro Superman.

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Indiana – Jeff Foster: “Foster simply goes to work. Whether he’s starting or coming off the bench, the consistent effort remains the same. He is the king of resuscitating possessions by scrapping his way to a rebound that is up for grabs and at least batting it out to a teammate to keep it alive for the Pacers.”
Tom from Indy Cornrows

Miami – Joel Anthony: “If luck really is where opportunity meets preparation, Joel Anthony may be the luckiest man in the NBA. The Heat need Anthony more than you’d think a team could need a 6’9″ center, and he’s about to grab that mess of a depth chart by the neck. You’ll see him fly in for putback dunks, elbow seven-footers a foot outside of the paint, and take every opponent’s drive to the basket as a personal insult. You’ll see him slide in next to Michael Beasley like Tinker next to Evers, giving Miami a chance to win every single night. With Dennis Rodman long forgotten and Ben Wallace about to join him, the NBA needs a new working-class hero. Take a close look at the 2008-09 Heat, and you’ll find him.”
Greg from The Peninsula Is Mightier

Editor’s Note: Hoops Addict caught up with Joel Anthony just last month.

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Milwaukee Bucks – Charlie Bell: “After coming up through the Flintstones system of Michigan State basketball, it took Charlie Bell a few years to catch on in the NBA. Following several stints in Europe, Bell earned his way into the big show with a defensive mind-set similar to former journeyman two-guard Bruce Bowen. Nowadays Bell can be found locking down opposing team’s slasher and bringing an undeniable sense of toughness to the Milwaukee Bucks.”
Austin Kent from Hoops Addict

New Jersey – Eduardo Najera: “Najera’s tough, and tenacious – and he rebounds very well for his size. I expect him to be one of the better players on the sadly lacking Nets this season.”
Don from With Malice

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New York – David Lee: “His name is known around the league, but only those who have been paying attention understand the amount of blood, sweat, and… well… more sweat that Lee leaves on the court every night. The man makes every second count.”
Seth from Posting and Toasting

Orlando – Jameer Nelson: “Say what you will about Jameer Nelson’s prognostication skills (on second thought, don’t; it’s probably been said already), but there’s no denying that he gives the Magic his all night in and night out. It’s why he lead the team in charges taken last season despite placing fifth in minutes played. It’s also why he’s suffered three concussions in four professional seasons.”
Ben Q. Rock from Third Quarter Collapse

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Philadelphia – Reggie Evans: “Reggie Evans gained mainstream attention when he grabbed Chris Kaman’s family jewels while playing for the Denver Nuggets in the 2006-07 season. Now that’s doing the dirty work. Evans is a guy who makes a living on hustle. He has very little actual basketball talent, but is always among the leaders in rebounds per minute. At times, he was the best player on the floor in the Sixers-Pistons playoff series this year. Shocking, but true. When he’s on his game, he’s a menace.”
Jon from Passion & Pride

Toronto – Kris Humphries: “Toughness and hustle is a premium in Toronto, so when Kris Humphries is nominated for the “Floor Burn Tournament” understand that it comes with a bucket load of salt, but let that not be a knock on Humphries. He’s made it a habit of going after rebounds he has no business getting (and often never does) and has shown that he’s willing to work to earn his minutes (however inconsistent, sporadic and unpredictable they are). Although consistent playing time has eluded him, whatever burn he does get he makes the most of it by playing hard, playing with intensity although not always playing smart. Diving for loose balls is the norm which every fan loves, on the flip side of the coin launching 13-footers might not be the greatest idea. It’s this love-hate relationship that makes me want to nominate Hump Jordan as my pick for the Floor Burn Tournament.”
Zarar from Arsenalist

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Washington – Antonio Daniels: “The 11-year veteran had been the backup point guard for the Washington Wizards for two years. When Gilbert Arenas went down with a bum knee, Antonio Daniels stepped in and started a career high 63 games. In those games he averaged eight points, four assists, and closely guarded the other team’s point guard. Daniels led the Wizards to the first round of the playoffs and even when Arenas came back, he still retained the point guard duties, and often times ran the team more efficiently.”
Rashad Mobley from Hoops Addict

Wild Card – Thaddeus Young: “Thaddeus Young was thrown into the fire this year when the Sixers decided to implement a more uptempo style. The rookie ended up playing the majority of his minutes at power forward. He drew some tough defensive assignments and held his own, even managing to score a decent amount of points without having a single play called for him. With a willingness to do whatever the team needs of him, the future is bright for this young forward.”

Jon from Passion & Pride

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Dallas – Brandon Bass: “A brief D-Leaguer who wasn’t thought to amount to much of anything has become a pivotal part of the Mavs’ future. He’s undersized, but plays in the paint, not incredibly athletic, but outworks other guys, and plays with a huge chip on his shoulder. As Dallas moves forward in trying to eliminate their ‘finesse team’ moniker, Bass is going to be a huge part of that.”
Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

Denver – Anthony Carter: “With the Nuggets always being injury plagued, it seemed like just another season of misfortune when presumed starting point guard Chucky Atkins was sidelined for the majority of the season with a sports hernia in 2007-08. Enter NBA journeyman Anthony Carter. A player that gives the Nuggets everything he has, every night, without needing any headline recognition for his efforts. A-Ceeeeeeeeeeeeee as he is affectionately known in the Mile High, sticks the opposition’s best guard, to the Nuggets’ game plan, and often times the game-winning shot with his humble nightly efforts.”
The Nugg Doctor

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Golden State – Ronny Turiaf: “Few players would be able to parlay a season in which they scored just 6.6 points per game and pulled down 3.9 rebounds a night into a new four-year, $17 million contract. Then again, few players alive play with the energy, heart, and determination Turiaf does. The free-spirited reserve rebounds, defends and blocks shots, but it is his relentless passion for the game that sees him outclass all other hustle players”
Trevor Smith from Hoops Addict

Editor’s Note: Hoops Addict talked soccer, heart surgery and uncovered a desire to learn guitar with Ronny Turiaf this past March.

Houston - Chuck Hayes: “Has absolutely no discernable NBA-level skills. Can’t dribble or shoot. Is not very tall or agile. Everyone has to cover their eyes when he shoots free throws. And yet – he’s a very important part of the rotation for an NBA playoff team for two-plus years now. It’s because he outsmarts and outhustles everyone.”
David from The Dream Shake

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Los Angeles Clippers – Nick Fazekas: “Fazekas is probably different than many of the candidates for the Floor Burn Tournament. It’s not that he doesn’t hustle per se, but he is so incredibly unathletic that everything he does, even diving on the floor, looks awkward and slow. But the guy just gets stuff done. He’s the guy, when you’re playing pick up basketball, whose team keeps winning, and you just can’t figure out why. Even after his team has held the court for two hours, and he’s led them in scoring every single game, you still think he stinks and you’re better than he is. Well, you’re not. He’s better than you are, because he’s just a baller. He’s got incredible hands, goofy long arms, an array of junky moves around the basket, a nice touch out to 20 feet, and he knows how to get the ball in the hoop.”
Steve from Clips Nation

Los Angeles Lakers – Sasha Vujacic: “The guy is a gnat on defense, the kind of in your face guy that pisses off opposing players and fans, can get in players’ heads and cause an off night. He’s a skinny Euro, but he has developed a fearless game (fearless of shooting as well, whether he’s hot or not). The fact that Detroit and San Antonio’s coaching staff spoke highly of him says a lot.”
Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold

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Memphis – Kyle Lowry: “Why Lowry? In Memphis we call him The Bulldog for his gritty man-to-man defense, ability to grab boards, and knack for getting to the line. He was 27th in the NBA in steals per 48 minutes, ninth amongst point guards. He was 10th best rebounder of all point guards and was the seventh best point guard at getting to the line (as a backup nonetheless).”
Zach from 3 Shades of Blue

Minnesota – Mark Madsen: “There is no one else on the Minnesota Timberwolves (or possibly the league), with the heart, hustle, effort and determination of the Mad Dog. Granted, he may not play many minutes, but he’s the fan favorite that is always giving 110%, whether the Wolves are winning or getting blown out. And for what he lacks in skill, he compensates by being the best towel waving, fist pounding, butt slapping, exuberant 12th man I’ve ever seen.”
Dave Kelsey from TWolves Blog

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New Orleans – Julian Wright: “The man is a physical freak; with a wingspan longer than you’d expect, explosive speed, and the intelligence to read opposing players and anticipate their moves, Ju-Ju has quickly become one of the Hornets’ best defenders, while simultaneously snagging steals left and right when he’s not hopping around for boards. He may not have dominated the stat sheet like other rookies last year, but he did a little of everything and was a total hustle player.”
MW from Hornets Hype

Oklahoma City – Damien Wilkins: “On the yet-to-be-named Oklahoma City squad, Damien Wilkins is perhaps the biggest name next to Kevin Durant… because his uncle is the legendary Dominique Wilkins. Still, the younger Wilkins deserves your attention as a reliable scoring option off the bench with the odd 41-point blow up.”
Blake from The On Deck Circle

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Phoenix – Robin Lopez: “I’m thinking that Robin Lopez should be this guy in the coming season. That’s what he’s here for and hustle and energy and tough defense are why the Suns drafted him. Beyond that I guess Raja Bell but he didn’t really have that kind of year last year. D.J. Strawberry didn’t play enough. Shawn Marion is gone. And Shaquille O’Neal… diving into the stands aside, isn’t what you’re looking for here.”

Stan from Bright Side of the Sun

Editor’s Note: Hoops Addict tracked down and interviewed Robin Lopez at pre-draft workouts in Toronto.

Portland – Joel Przybilla: “It’s unusual for a center to be included in a discussion of scrappy players but Joel Przybilla fits the bill. It’s not so much that he’ll dive to the ground or into the stands after the ball (at seven feet that’s a long way down) but he’s the clean-up man on defense. If you blow your assignment or rotation and your guy gets free in the paint, Przybilla will swing over and make you look brilliant with a block. He’ll throw his body around for rebounds as well. He’s not afraid to stand chest to chest with an opponent and stare them down either.”
Dave from Blazers Edge

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Sacramento – Francisco Garcia: “What’s more endearing than a guy who hits big threes no sweat, gives his trademark “mean face” and audibly grunts and squeals when fighting through screens? He works so hard he fouled an opponent on buzzer threes twice this season — infuriating, but the effort inspires.”
Tom Ziller from Sac Town Royalty

San Antonio – Ime Udoka: “This has Bruce Bowen’s name all over it, but if I chose him, most people would likely see his name and skip right past it, so instead I’ll take Bowen’s soon-to-be predecessor and pupil, Ime Udoka. Udoka is a sparkplug. He brings a lot of energy off the bench and is all over the place on the floor. He’ll come out of nowhere, box out a power forward or center and grab a rebound. He’s no bigger than a point guard but is asked to relieve Bruce Bowen and guard much bigger scorers like Kobe Bryant and Peka Stojakovic. Look for Ime to get even more minutes next season and more chances to prove my choice right with Brent Barry and Robert Horry not coming back. “
Michael from Project Spurs

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Utah – Matt Harpring: “Harpring comes from a family of Collegiate football players and is the one guy in the NBA who won’t back down to anyone. Averaged 5.4 floor burns per game in the 2008 season. Check out this video clip, need I say more?”
CB Jack from My Utah Jazz

Wild Card - Shane Battier: “Not only is he a shoo-in nominee, the dude should win your tournament outright. He’s not a very good offensive player. He’s valuable because he’s a lock-down defensive player who does everything based on hustle, desire and effort. And he’s certainly not afraid of a few floor burns… or cuts/bruises to the head… or Dikembe’s elbow!”
David from The Dream Shake

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Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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  • Ramiro

    Mark Madsen All Day!

  • Garron

    I think you had to have added more big name players. If you watched the playoffs, and I love Powe, but he’s definitley not Posey scrappy. Hell he’s not even House scrappy (which by the way, was one of the reasons they took game 7 against Cleaveland).

    There are a lot of overly small names. Mario’s a joke if you’ve ever read basketbawful you would know.

    Shane Battier’s gonna win this one easy. And is Maxielle really 6’5 or is that a typo? His athleticisim REALLY makes up for it.

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  • Jon

    Thanks for including me in this. Man, the end of that Western Conference was tough. Harpring vs. Battier and Udoka vs. Garcia were tough to call. I’d take any one of those four over Wilkins/Wright.

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  • Brendan de Haan

    I dont get how you have a rookie in here who has yet to play 1 NBA game.

    I love the results on maxiell. 57 – 1 in favor of him.

  • Ryne Nelson

    Ryan, this is as great as polls come! I can’t think of a clear-cut favorite at this point…I’ll be coming back often to participate in the ensuing rounds!

  • KING of DARK

    Jason Maxiell all the way ..

    Go Pistons!

  • Michael

    Come on Ryne. I know you want to vote for my boy Ime. I’ve always been an Antonio Daniels fan as well. Poor Delonte West doesn’t have a chance.

  • UtesFan89

    As a Jazz fan, I’d have to say that Paul Millsap deserved the bid over Matt Harpring.

  • atthehive

    ahaha, this is awesome. Great idea!

  • SnakeScipio

    Chuck Hayes should get more recognition. He’s THE glue guy that every team needs to win. He’s a great post defender and rebounder and earns every second he plays despite having more talented players around him. In fact the Houston Rockets’s best line-ups in the 06-07 season (not sure about 07-08) generally included him.

  • bobby don

    Jason Maxiell is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ace

    The margin of Jason Maxiell’s victory is just hilarious at this point. And I’m pretty sure those are sympathy votes for Delonte West.

  • Ryan McNeill

    Ramiro – I’m shocked that Mad Dog is lacking bite in this tournament so far. What’s happened?

    Garron – I thought about adding some bigger name players but it would kind of defeat the whole purpose of this tournament. The big name guys gets the endorsement deals, see fans rocking their jerseys and get the fat contracts. Meanwhile, the “glue” guys bounce around the NBA and rarely get the attention and respect they deserve from fans. This was my humble attempt to give some of these guys the shine they deserve.

    Jon – Great to have you as part of this! You had two great picks and I was more than happy to have a Sixer as a wild card pick… however… I’m not happy Reggie’s beating my boy Kris Humphries. If the Raptors rep is ousted in the first round I’ll be seriously bitter.

    BDH – Who else on PHX would you select? I think Lopez fits this tournament to perfection, even if he hasn’t played in a game yet.

    Ryne – Thanks for the props! Glad to see your digging this idea and will be checking back often to vote.

    KOD – Mad Max is rocking this thing, wow! I figured he’d have a lot of votes but I didn’t think it would be a landslide like this.

    Michael – Shh…. don’t tell anyone but I did vote for Ime in the first round. Great pick!

    Utes Fan – You’ll have to take that up with CB Jack. I feel Harp and Paul would have been great picks, he decide to side with Harp.

    Snake – I think Hayes was a great pick, problem is he’s one of the guys who fits this tournament to perfection but it’s because of this he’s not getting the respect he deserves. The intent was to highlight some players who need some attention but casual fans don’t see how much he brings to Houston night in and night out.

    Ace – Yeah, I am sure West is getting some sympathy votes at this point… but… don’t count him out. People love an underdog and once Cavs fans get wind of this wide discrepancy they’ll rally around West. There’s still almost an entire week to go, things could get interesting.

  • BrickJames

    Delonte West gets no respect.

    Battier’s a flopper.


    Najera should win this.

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  • grover

    “Ju-ju” in Chinese is a kids’ euphemism for the “man region”.

    Based on that alone, I vote Wright.

  • grungedave

    It’s a traveshamockery if Shane Battier doesn’t win this tournament.

    And only a slightly less tragic event if Chuck Hayes isn’t the runner-up.

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  • Jeffrey

    I thought the winner would be up in the air until I saw Shane Battier in there. He’s GOT to win this.

  • Mash

    I don’t watch enough Bobcats games to say for sure, but I would think that Gerald Wallace is probably among the top floor burners in the game, but I figure because he’s a bigger name, he doesn’t warrant qualification in this tournament.


  • Austin Kent

    Apparently at Hoops Addict we tend to flock towards hustle players in terms of interviews and stories. Links to pieces on Ronny Turiaf, Robin Lopez, Joel Anthony and Jason Maxiell have been updated above.

    As for the tournament itself, voting for Shane Battier is like voting for Jessica Simpson to win a wet t-shirt contest, it… umm, makes perfect sense… but let’s give someone else a chance.

    Go Bizarro!

  • Kevin

    WHAT??? Why are Fazekas and Vujacic matched up so early on?? That’s like a Federer Nadal matchup in the first round. They obviously need to be separated so they can meet in the finals.

  • AG

    Man, Battier v. Harpring tore me up. I’m a lifelong Jazz fan, but when I saw the headline for this post I immediately though “Battier.” Making it hard.

  • fautino LOpez

    this is no constest yall SHANE BATTIER hands down yall 4real also i got 2 give props 2 DAVID LEE who plays with such heart but on a bad team and last but not least my good man CHUCK HAYES man yall really now him cant shoot, dribble not really tall but he is just really great 4 us (oh im from houston) he is a great defender and rebounder at just 6’6. this dude is just a good guy and wasnt even drafted. that’s all i got 2 write though peace!

  • Vik C

    Great post. Go NOCH!!!

  • Vik C

    Random though, but one matchup I didn’t like was Harpring vs Battier this early. I think that is a coinflip, which should’ve been saved for later. But awesome post nonetheless.

  • Joe

    It’s really unfair to put up Harpring against Battier in the 1st round. I’m a Jazz fan, so I’ve seen both play a good share of times, and they’re probably both among the NBA top five…

  • blazersfan80

    what about the big prizz, the killa from manilla?

  • xcomp

    Chuck Hayes definitely does not get enough recognition. He might be one of the top 10 smartest basketball players in the league — always exactly in time to make a defensive rotation, cover other teammate’s mistakes with uncanny precision, step in to take charges at with precision. And on top of that, despite being merely 6’6, he plays effective post defense against players much bigger and taller than he is, and outhustles them for rebounds on both ends of the floor. Unless your name is Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett, you’re going to have a really hard time scoring against him. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a point guard or a 7 foot center. He can’t shoot, he can’t dribble, his free throws are hideous, and he’s every coach’s dream role player.

  • paul

    Where is PAUL MILLSAP???? One of the better rebounders in the game and one of the most undersized power fowards. I love Harping but Millsap is the best hustlers in the league.

  • Blake

    I already filled out my bracket,

    Battier v Maxiell in finals

    Battier takes the inaugural Floor Burn Tournament

  • mike

    C’mom guys. Thaddeus Young was a monster for Philly this year. He had to really earn his playing time and booted jason smith out of that spot. If you didnt see him watch some footage. The sixers this year were all about energy and there fast pace game, Im not sayin thad wins this whole thing but seriously, he was one of the main reason the sixers made the playoffs. And reggie evans is a given so i dont even have to talk about him

  • chocoletThunder

    Maxiell is nice but Reggie Evans is the only player who has a trap and double team when you want clause in his contract a no brainer

  • Hunter

    How could you not take Wallace over dudley. Wallace not only should of won the bobcats but should of won the tournament his nickname is “crash” for a reason he’s diving for lose balls everywhere and always the first guy back on the defensive end or the first guy running down the floor for the open pass. Well since hes not in it my vote is for nocioni or ju ju just cause im a ku fan

  • Blaze

    I think Keyon Dooling should somehow make it although Najera is one of the top 10 hustlers in the league… along with Madsen, Bass, Evans, etc. So far the vote counts have been realistic, so keep it up.

  • Ruben

    have any of you guys seen turiaf play…he comes in and guards the best bigs in the league…i watched him smack Tim Duncan shots around a couple times and even dunk on him…he’s fearless and plays with so much energy…i think it was a mistake to not play him more against boston because he’s the only one that plays with his heart on his sleeve and for sure isn’t soft which was the lakers problem



  • SD

    would have thought varejao would be a better pick to rep the cavs then west?

  • Hornets Fan

    As a Hornets fan, I can say that Julian Wright is outdone in terms of hustling by Ryan Bowen. The only reason that guy made the Hornets roster is because of his relentless hustle. He was not the most athletically gifted player, but he made plays when he was on the floor.

  • Alex

    Jason Maxiell is bye far the most energetic player who will get the momentum going for his team with a few hustle plays that can keep the team going all game long, also what about Rodney Stucky? He was the best bench player in the playoffs.

  • Dave Kelsey

    How is Mad Dog NOT “the choice” for this competition??? He’s the guy who’s hustle, heart, and energy really sticks out. Madsen truly does exemplify what this contest was all about… it’s just that he hardly plays. I mean, yeah he lacks skill, but he fits the guidelines for submissions to a “T.”

    Mad Dog… all. the. way.

  • Ramiro

    Mark madsen is back on top!!

  • The more popular player wins in each head-to-head match up

    & there’s no way Shane battier and Matt Harpring should’ve been pitted again each other in the first round. Both those guys should be shoe-ins for the semifinals.

  • Sean

    After watching him for a full season in Philly, I can’t imagine anyone who hustles more than Reggie Evans. His whole game is hustle. He has no offensive talent and very little defensive talent yet he’s still averaged 20 mpg in his career.

  • Rob

    Shane Battier is by far the biggest hustle player in the NBA. He may not be the best offensive player in the league, but his lock down D surely makes up for that. In my opinion, he should have been awarded with a spot on first team defense this past year.

  • jake

    Jason Maxiell all the way!!!!

  • rashad

    God bless Thaddeus Young and all, but Daniels had to replace nearly 30 points and 6 assists a game, and he did an admirable job…SUCH a job, that when Gilbert came back, there were legit arguments about whether Daniels was a better fit for the playoffs

  • Richie

    As a pistons fan, Maxiell is a better hustle/scrapy player than Stuckey. Evens is also high in my list in that catagory. Aderson Varajoe is a total joke though. He’s an acclaimed flopper and the way that announcers shower him in praises as an “energy player” sickens me. Delonte West is 10 times the player that Varejoe is, but it’s 1/4 the actor.



  • Jon

    Jason Maxiell eats baby faces (Delonte West). Reggie Evans grabbed Kris Humphries by the balls in this. More power to the undersized power forwards.

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for including Jeff Foster – his entire game is hustle and without him our Pacers would have been a LOT worse off the past several years. My favorite Pacers by far just for his hustle and heart.

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  • Minnesota Jobs

    Just grabbed the feed… thanks for posting this.