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Hey! Whatever Happened To Glenn Robinson?

By Brian Taylor

Being a number one, first-overall draft pick carries a lot of heavy expectations, pressure and scrutiny. But in 1994, one Naismith College Player of the Year paid no heed to that, and demanded one of the most ridiculous rookie contracts in the history of sports, and that one audacious guy was Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson.

There are rookies that come in with hype from college and then carry that over into the League, but Robinson, who was absolutely insane at Purdue, looked like a sure shot for whoever picked him up at the draft. Before Robinson had even stepped onto and NBA floor, he made some waves, amplifying his name.

For starters, the “Big Dog” had it all, the smooth jumper, the handles, and the hops, all tied up in a neat 6’7” package. The problem was that no team in their right mind was going to pay $100 million bucks (pun intended) for said package. I don’t know if Dr. Evil was his agent, but Glenn was serious about his price tag after the Bucks selected him first overall. The Bucks’ franchise was worth $77 million back in 94’, so you could imagine the freak-out-factor this had on the national sports media. Not only that, but Robinson had drawn the ire of Utah veteran Antoine Carr, who already laid claim to the nickname “Big Dog”.

Before that season started, Herb Kohl (who owns the Bucks and Kohl’s and is also a Wisconsin Senator) brought Robinson back to earth with a $68.15 million dollar guaranteed contract. It was then thought to be the most expensive rookie contract of all time, and in the process, Robinson pissed off a lot of Bucks’ fans, but he turned out to be decent.

As a member of that 1994 rookie class (which featured Juwan Howard, J-Kidd and Grant Hill) Glenn led all rooks in scoring, firing at a 21.9 ppg clip. He was named to the All-Rookie team for that year, earning numerous honors along the way. In 1996, he was even named to the Olympic team, but couldn’t play due to injury.

It wasn’t until the 98’-99’ season that it all came together for Glenn, as the team hired a new coach (George Karl) and GM of GMs’ (Ernie Grunfeld) together with veteran point guard Sam Cassell from the Martian National Team. With those pieces in place, Milwaukee returned to the playoffs annually, culminating with an Eastern Conference Finals appearance against A.I. and the 76ers in 2001.

Losing left a really bitter taste in Glenn’s mouth, and no amount of Orbit gum could’ve gotten rid of it, so he lashed out at teammate Ray Allen, saying he was “soft” and that he wilted under the pressure. Since that wasn’t a good way to endear one’s self to a team, (and since Ray Allen was more of a true star anyway), Milwaukee shipped Glenn down south to Atlanta for Toni Kukoc. Robinson still put up All-Star worthy numbers, but he garnered the unscrupulous reputation of Locker Room Cancer (e.g.: “Christian Laettner”).

After a year with the Hawks, Glenn was on the move again, this time to Philly in a four-team deal (its how Spree got to NY). Robinson had a mediocre season in Illadelph before getting hurt and staying on the IR for most of 2005. He was traded to the Hornets before being waived and scooped up by the San Antonio Spurs, who were looking for another shooter during their title run. It was after that transaction that Glenn Robinson (by default) was crowned an NBA Champion. Don’t worry, I made the same face you just made after reading that sentence, but it’s legit, he has a ring.

If you want to hear and see how folks reacted to Glenn’s rookie demands, peep this.

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  • Austin

    Oh man, now this is a player who I find myself completely forgetting about every couple months. That picture is priceless.

  • Ryan

    Like you B I still find it weird that Big Dog has a ring while “greats” like Stockton and Malone don’t, however, from what I remember Robinson posted some legit numbers for the Spurs in their playoff run. I remember there was a bit of a buzz surrounding him that summer heading into his free agency but I can only assume he was asking for too much money and this time GM’s weren’t willing to dish out the money to make playing hoops another year worth the effort for Big Dog.

  • Mark P

    Man, the Big Dog/Philly trade IS NOT how spree got to NY, you way off. Spree got to NY about 5YEARS before that (not sure where you got your info) in a trade for John Starks, Chris Mills and a few other muppets.

  • B Teezy

    My bad Mark, I forgot about the Starks trade.

  • Mark P

    Great article tho…

  • Beef

    Where is he now?

  • Carlton Mitchell

    Thanks very much for this article. I went to Purdue, and really liked Glenn Robinson. I think he was very misunderstood, and although I don’t know much detail about the initial contract dealings, I know that he really wanted to be the best contributor to his team that he could. Probably wanting to win so badly and probably feeling that Ray Allen had an aloof way about him, I could see Glenn talking not so well publicly about Ray. That’s too bad, because it gave him a locker room reputation possibly not deserved. In ’94 at Purdue, he was the most exciting college player since Jordan, no doubt about it.
    I sure would like to hear about where he is NOW. In Gary, IN? Hopefully well, and giving back to youth or something. Again, thanks for the article.

  • 6'11"

    My boy is chillin and doing his thang so all the haters step back & get you some, ya wanna be like real us get some game first!!!!!

  • Los Da Most


  • Kathy

    I’m looking for a way to reach Mr. Glenn Robinson aka Big Dog. I need to reach him for a personal matter. Thank you. Kathy

  • Matt Woryn

    Glenn lost his mother in an unexpected illness. It is understood he has been dealing with his grief since.

  • Sabrina

    Glenn Robinson is living in Atlanta for the most part but he also frequent Chicago from time to time. If you want to find him check out the clubs he frequent on Saturdays in Atlanta and follow the weed smoke….

  • bdub

    I watched Glenns entire carrer in milwaukee . I just wanted to let it be known to whomever that true fans of this game appreciated Glenn Robinson . He was a remarkable basketball player , capable of playing all aspects of the floor .

    The ” problem ” with Glenn was a lack of stability within the milwaukee org and surronding glenn with qustionable talent . Imagine drafting a lebron james and surronding him with the Benoit Benjamins of the nba . It was a difrent day and a diffrent time . Teams werent as savy as they are now and theyve learned from watching talent like Robinson not be surronding with the right players .

    Ray Allen was a cancer on that team and really worked his butt off to isolate Glenn out of the offense ..Vin Bakers aka the black hole was no diffrent . Glenn was always playing with guys that had to ” get theirs ” and getting theirs didnt mean just getting theirs , it meant getting as much as they could . Glenn suffered …his carrer suffered .

    But to the true fans that could read between the lines , watching that turn around post up jump shot was as good as it gets . You just knew when glenn got that ball in post up position from literally ANYWHERE on the floor it was going to be money and he very rarely let ya down . Even the shot against phylly wasnt a let down , man that was a good shot in and out ..cant complain …99 times out of a 100 that shot drops .

    It is what it is ..dont like grob ?? cool , thats on you ..I could read between the lines and i got to watch one of the best basketball players ive yet to see play this game and enjoyed every last minute of it ..He wasnt a disapointment to me ..i could see whats going on .Glenn, you were a great pro playing for an organization that lacked vision ..thanks for all the memories ..more people understood the situation then people might think .i dont know anyone that didnt respect the big dog and most people that claimed not to like him simply couldnt read between the lines and see how grob was put on a very short leash in milwaukee .. Dude could drop 35ppg as a pro night in and night out but it wasnt going to happen with Ray Allen breaking off plays and taking bad shots , or with vin baker trying to shoot thru tripple teams …the irony of those that perputrated selfish offense in miwlaukee and NEVER got called on it , but the one guy that stayed commited to playing team ball was the guy that took the slack ??? dont make much sense to me but it is what it is …grob is a legend to those that know this game . i couldnt care less what the rest say they simply dont know .

  • Joel

    We all want to know where he is at, that is why we came to this site. I searched “where are they now Glenn Robinson” and got your article. Well written, and Big D is and will alwys be a bad ass but we want to know wtf he does now and shut.

  • Terry jones

    Big Dog you was the best. Thanks for the memories Terry J.

  • J Reeds

    Glenn was always underapprecited and I am ecstatic that he has a championship ring.

  • R. Jones

    I saw him at the club the other week in ATL doing his thing.Nice car, two women and a joint!

  • drizz

    it’s a shame for a player with that much talent, and resume that he should be relegated to a where are they now site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    big dog should’ve gotten a legitimate ring before “jesus” er ray allen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bugg

    Glenn if you are reading this, I hope that you are doing well and I miss working out with u and scoop. I passed you in smyrna recently, we were going in opposite directions, but I was reluctant to turn around and try to catch up with you. I hope all is well and tell Verdene that “I” asked about her..xoxoxoxo

  • erik

    Glenn was a great player. I follow B-ball very closely and believe if he would have been able to have got his defense to a M.J level, he would have been absolutely incredible.

    Hopefully, he will find a job where he can help others, like a mini-camp or something. Hell, maybe he does. But then again, if you got bank, females and a joint, then life would be satisfying anyways.

    Peace Peeps

  • C


  • Jeff T

    First of all Big Dog lost his mom to cancer during the 2005 finals. Secondly he was the man the best pure mid-range jumper in the game! All you punks that hating step yo game up! Ray Allen was soft then and he is soft now…period! JT from Detroit! #1 Big dog fan!

  • Tekiya

    I agree with all of the positive comments. I watched The Original Big Dog since his college days. He has always been an awesome player. I wish him all the best. He is a great person. If any of you who made negative comments ever met him, you would not be hating.

  • Mike

    Just to let everyone know, I work at a Staples in Roswell, GA, and he stopped in to pick up some office supplies. He said he just recently moved up here from Smyrna, GA. He was an extremely friendly person and I hope to see him back soon.

  • Robyn

    I agree- I saw him in the Cobb County area and found him to be a wonderful person! Hope to see him again

  • Tudy

    Hi Glenn if read this i really miss havin you around the Milwaukee area!!! You were the best thing that happen 2 this city!!! =)

  • Big Chill

    I know The Big Dog Personally From Day one!We Rapped Together and we Did a albumn back in 1993/1994!I know the Real Dog and the Real DOG knows THE REAL DEAL CHILL!!!The man has a Heart!

  • milt

    Dog is cool.I’m from Gary,live in Milwaukee and watched his whole career since Velt,the man got game and kept that G.I mentality when he was here.he should have whooped Ray Allen ass!G.I forever

  • Kevin

    I always wanted to know how Glenn and his friend Scoop was doing. They use to come in to the Car Wash in Milwaukee. If you or anyone see Glenn or his friend Scoop tell them that Kevin wanted to say Hello and we miss them in Milwaukee.

  • Criz Milz

    wuddup G.Rob aka Big Dog and my Homie Big Chill ill be back in ATL in Feb look me up on Facebook under Criz Milz and holla at ur Boy u too Chill my brother use to be apart of N.B.F.(New Best Friends) hit me up also…..Milzzzzz

  • Ms.Thang

    Hi,I know Glenn personally he has a great heart.Glenn if you read this Miss ya! hope all is well.
    Ms.Thang Atl.

  • Fact U Al

    Like the Big Dog, but truth of the matter is that Ray Allen is still playing, dropping 3’s and truly contributed to his ring. Sure wanted to see a longer career for BD.

  • kermit washington

    I am with the nba and we have something for Glenn have him get in touch with me it will make a nice xmas present
    Kermit Washington

  • kermit washington

    kermit washington http://www.kaw24@live.com Glenn email me you will be very happy

  • Ms B

    Kermit I know Glenn, I will pass the message to him if he haven’t contacted you!

  • Ms.Thang (atl fitness)

    Happy Birthday,Glenn 38 how time passes by,miss ya!Its you birthday what you going to do for your bday Ms.A Fitness your friend 4 life.Hope all is well!hit me up at anitafitness@yahoo.com xoxoxo hotlanta rocks

  • jackie,from Gary

    Glenn if you are reading this I wanted you to know that I often think about you and miss seeing you onthe court .I know you went through some hard times, but I know you are a survivor.I remember going to your Purdue games and partying! You know how we kicked it in the studio too:-) Be well BIG DOG I Love You and miss you!

  • zone


  • Me

    Its hard to believe he’s chillin like any rich retired NBA star when 60% of players go bankrupt after they retired…..


    Big Dog always showed love in the MILL.

  • WD Simmons

    As a long time Bucks fan I just wanted to say that it was a sad day for me when the Buck traded the Big Dog. He never got his props because of the contract talk but looking back he came on the cheap. He enjoyed being in Milwaukee and never made any kind demands that players make today. He wanted to be responsible for helping to turn the franchise around. He deserved more credit. Living here on the east coast I use to go to Bucks 6 games a year in New York, Boston or New Jersey I have not been to a game since they traded Robinson. Glenn was one of the best there was at shooting with a hand in his face. His stroke was all that.

  • Muskybug

    Glenn was strong for the Bucks. Ray ray didn’t
    Play D.

  • yo

    glenn, saw your son play in regional at mich city last weekend. Impressive! Fun to watch! I’ll be watchin mich next year and i hope he does well there.
    It was fun watchin you kick IU butt in college. Really fun.

  • Terri "IRS"

    Glenn….I am trying to find you. All of my Christmas are “RTS”.

  • Love

    Glenn doing good. He is a kind hearted man. I love him to death. Im glad that he is apart of my life and hopes that he become more but who knows. but until then me and him will continue to chill and i only wish the best for him.

  • Snoop

    Love the Big Dog. Great guy. Used to smash a case of Red Stripe with him during the days. Singing out love from
    Ryan ‘Rainbow’ Dufty and the crew.

  • Jackie

    Glenn is cool I see him every once in a while floating around in the “A”

  • The Cake Lady

    Glenn was thee best and sweetest! Im looking for him. If you see this G-Rob. Check out ya girl on Food Network..I took those cupcakes/cakes to another level!!! LOL Kfinaleed@gmail.com

  • love you so much

    Wishing you a early birthday!Thinking of you all the time.Especially all the Funtime we shared.Love of your life.Ms.Chocolate-Fitness 2013 already!Love ya! Atl-Rocks!