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Hawks Looking To Beef Up Frontcourt

The Hawks have felt the sting of the injury bug, especially in the frontcourt with both Al Horford and Jason Collins being injured. Despite that, Atlanta has managed to stay afloat and then some, but it’s only a matter of time before their lack of frontcourt depth becomes a problem.

Hawks management seems to agree and Atlanta is looking to bring in another big man very soon.

“We have a list of guys and we are tossing names around,” Hawks coach Larry Drew said. “We’ll probably make a decision on some guys within the next few days. Ideally, if there is a guy who can play both five and four that would be my number one choice. But if it’s just strictly a five I would embrace that as well.”

Drew added that he also has a preference for someone with a big body that can score.

NBA commissioner David Stern happened to be on hand before Wednesday night’s to give his thoughts on the Hawks ownership and he seems to think Atlanta is in good hands.

“They’ve committed to pay the luxury tax, which not many teams in our league do these days,” Stern said. “They are committed to hire personnel to demonstrate to the fans that this is a franchise worth supporting. I think they are committed to Atlanta and I’m committed to them.

With the talk of Atlanta planning to add a center who is a force on defense, coupled with Stern’s comments on the Hawks ownership’s willingness to go over the salary cap, some experts are speculating a trade could be in the cards for the Hawks. To add fuel to the fire, Orlando Magic owner Richard Devos chose last night to express that he wants Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando. Unfortunately, with Howard still seemingly frustrated and the trade deadline fast approaching, Devos might have no choice but to move the superstar center. Perhaps Howard could be making a return to his hometown.

All wild speculation aside, the Hawks seem dedicated to bolster their aching frontcourt.  Atlanta fans can expect a transaction sooner than later.


And like that, the Hawks have made their move. Thursday, Atlanta announced the signing of 15-year vet, Erick Dampier. The 6-foot-11, 265 pound center will give Atlanta the much needed size and added depth at the center position. Dampier is a a capable defender and should have an impact on the boards as well.

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