Floor Burn Tournament: Conference Finals

After three rounds of voting and over 100,000 votes being cast, the final four participants left standing in the Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament are Jason Maxiell, David Lee, Ronny Turiaf and Shane Battier.

While the initial pool of 32 players were great, I feel the final four players left standing epitomize the types of players I hoped would advance when I started this Tournament earlier this month. Heading into the Conference Finals, we’re left with the gritty play of Maxiell, one of the more underrated rebounders in the NBA in Lee, one of the great motor guys in the NBA in Turiaf and the ultimate role player in Battier. It’s a great group of players and it will be interesting to see which two will be left standing after this week.

Voting for the Conference Finals start today and you’ll have until 12 am on Saturday to cast your vote.

Eastern Conference Finals

Detroit – Jason Maxiell: “If you want a nice guy to go about his business like a mild mannered man you can look past Jason Maxiell. If he’s in the game for a minute or a quarter he’s making an impact. Gobbling up rebounds, throwing down massive dunks and blocking shots that send players to their knees, all with his 6’5″ frame. How can you not vote for the man who Eats Babies on a regular basis and makes no apologies for it?”
Natalie from Need 4 Sheed

New York – David Lee: “His name is known around the league, but only those who have been paying attention understand the amount of blood, sweat, and… well… more sweat that Lee leaves on the court every night. The man makes every second count.”
Seth from Posting and Toasting

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Western Conference Finals

Golden State – Ronny Turiaf: “Few players would be able to parlay a season in which they scored just 6.6 points per game and pulled down 3.9 rebounds a night into a new four-year, $17 million contract. Then again, few players alive play with the energy, heart, and determination Turiaf does. The free-spirited reserve rebounds, defends and blocks shots, but it is his relentless passion for the game that sees him outclass all other hustle players”
Trevor Smith from Hoops Addict

Wild Card - Shane Battier: “Not only is he a shoo-in nominee, the dude should win your tournament outright. He’s not a very good offensive player. He’s valuable because he’s a lock-down defensive player who does everything based on hustle, desire and effort. And he’s certainly not afraid of a few floor burns… or cuts/bruises to the head… or Dikembe’s elbow!”
David from The Dream Shake

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Photo Credit: Icon Sports Media

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Comments (28)

  1. Pistons fans are voting for Turiaf, because of Rockets fans tactics to get Maxiell out of the way in the last 2 rounds.

    The Baby Eater has this thing locked up.

  2. Wilson

    Duke haters are also voting against Battier. That poll is a joke. He should be the runaway victor here.

  3. PistonsGirl4Life

    I personally voted for Maxy and Batts anyways… they were the better choices period. If Maxy finishes second to Battier I really couldn’t care, they’re both EXACTLY the kind of player I love to watch in the NBA anyways.

    That having been said… Maxy eats babies and doesn’t play on a team that would have to bribe the devil to get out of the first round (Somewhere a lightbulb just went of in T-Mac’s head… “Bribe the devil? WHY HAVEN’T WE TRIED THAT YET?”)

  4. abzd

    j-max is the best out of all these freekin babys/woosies. j-max all the way baby!!!!!

  5. Matt

    Alright….J-max is a beast. Period. On the court and on this poll. So just end it and vote for j-max. Hehe

  6. Looks like its going to be Battier vs JMax. Going to be a close finals. great posts as usual.

  7. looks like David Lee is going home early to watch the pistons and j-max rip up the east……again! look out Shane, better give Motumbo a call and ask if u can borrow his elbows!!

  8. My boy J-Max got this from the beginning!
    Shout out to Natalie and Need4Sheed.com
    Both teams played hard, but J-Max got this.

  9. saul

    eh we already know maxiell will win it looks like some forums or community are spamming votes for him..

  10. J-Max 54 vs. Battier. I think Maxiell can put it in cruise control right now. But he is going to put his toddler on a plate; BABEH ETTEAH!

  11. Charles X

    As much crap as other Pistons fans are choosing to speak, I’d love to have any of these guys playing in the D, especially Battier since he played prep ball at Detroit Country Day.

  12. Matt

    Charles X hows about you try living in the D? You’ll find out basketball is the least of your worries.

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