Christmas Gifts For Needy NBA Teams

Well, it is Christmas once again folks, and I am in the giving mood this holiday season. There are plenty of NBA teams this time of year that are needy, and could use a couple nice gifts to brighten them up, so I’d like to give you a couple teams that would be sending some very nice thank you cards in return for these gifts.

The Phoenix Suns Get Luol Deng

The Phoenix Suns might be the most surprising team in the NBA this year. Many thought they were going to be serious contenders in Riggin for Wiggins or Sorry for Jabari. However, things have gone really right this year so far as the Suns are a stunning 16-11 in the tough Western Conference. So I will give them a nice present of the best small forward on the market right now in Luol Deng.

The Bulls are in a state of flux with Derrick Rose getting hurt again, and will be shopping players around if they continue to struggle, so he should be very available. The Suns have one very interesting piece in the expiring contract of Emeka Okafor, but the value lies in their multiple first round picks this year. Toss one of those in, and the Bulls might have a tough time saying no.

Kyle Lowry to the Knicks… For a Reasonable Price

This one almost happened a little while back, but the Knicks are very much in need of a point guard like Kyle Lowry, and he’s still most likely available with Masai Ujiri shopping the entire roster save for Jonas Valanciunas. The Knicks would love his playmaking, and pit bull style of play, toughness for a team completely lacking outside of Tyson Chandler. But the caveat here is that he comes at their price, meaning they only have to give up one of the trio of Shumpert, Hardaway Jr. and their 2018 first round pick to go along with Ray Felton.

It might be tough considering how well Lowry has played in Rudy Gay’s absence, but maybe Ujiri will be in the holiday mood and give James Dolan a discount considering how badly he fleeced him in the Bargnani trade.

The Grizzlies Get Much Needed Scoring Punch in DeMar DeRozan

The Grizzlies have been an absolute mess this year, and while most of this could be fixed when Marc Gasol makes his return in January, the Grizzlies have serious problems scoring the ball from the perimeter.

Enter DeMar DeRozan.

He’s having a career year this year, averaging 21 points per game, and hitting a career high 32% from three. The Grizzlies have Tony Allen at the two guard spot right now, but he’s easily moved to the 6th man role, in favor of the more versatile DeRozan, and the Grizzlies could also run both on the court in crunch time if wanted.

The Raptors, as I said above, are shopping the entire roster essentially, so if the Grizzlies were willing to part with some picks, this is a deal I could potentially see being done.

Omer Asik to… Wherever!

The attitude of Omer Asik has been well documented since Dwight Howard came on board, and we all know he wants out. So let us just get him out, to wherever. The Rockets have plenty of options, the Cavaliers, Celtics, 76ers have all been linked to potential Asik deals.

Heck, the Celtics were on the verge of making a deal before the Rockets got cold feet just last week.

Many teams need a good rim protecting, rebounding big man like him, and would be very happy to add someone of his talents.

Thaddeus Young to the Rockets

Speaking of Omer Asik trades, this is one of my favorites. Thaddeus Young is my favorite fit beside Dwight Howard, someone who can space the floor, but also post up, the definition of a stretch four. Young is rather upset right now in Philly, so he would probably be ecstatic to see a deal like this go down, putting him on a contender like the Rockets. All of this depends on whether or not Asik is right for the 76ers and their rebuilding plans.

Any Power Forward out of Cleveland

It is going to be kind of like a Boxing Day sale when it comes to the Cleveland’s mess of power forwards. The only ones that probably will not be moved are Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett. The one most likely to be moved should be Anderson Varejao, a high-energy player that any team should want. The problem here is that the Cavs have almost no direction right now, and probably have no clue what they want to do.

Kevin Love for Blake Griffin

I realize this trade is really a pipe dream, and if it were to maybe happen, it would happen in the offseason, but I can dream right? Love would fit well in almost any offense, but he would benefit nicely from the plethora of shooters the Clippers employ. For the Wolves, this would be a fantastic trade; putting Rubio with Griffin would hopefully re-energize him, getting Griffin some easy baskets. The Wolves would like this because Griffin is controllable for an extra year, and Love is an upgrade in terms of talent for the Clippers in the rough West.

It might never happen, but this would be a Christmas gift to me!

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