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Carnival of the NBA #62

Both Teams Played Hard recently hosted Carnival of NBA #61 and they used the idea of documenting “the ways in which the Ballersphere is great while assigning those numbers to the players we praise and loathe the most, and along the way, we will collect links to the biggest and best related stories so far from this young season.”

With that in mind, I thought  I’d wrap up 2008 with a look at some of the biggest NBA stories of 2008. This meant I sat down for nearly 48 hours working on this post this weekend as I went through hundreds of blogs on BallHype and thousands of posts. The result is Carnival of the NBA #62.



* This summer 3 Shades of Blue scored exclusive interviews with Marc Ivaroni, Michael Heisley and Chris Wallace. They’ve since updated their URL and can be found here.

* You can add the amazing Carolyn from And One to the list of talented bloggers who are rocking media credentials this season. She recently attended a Cavaliers practice and will be covering games and more practices over at And One.

* Have you ever wondered how the NBA’s salary cap works? At The Hive does a great job of breaking down any questions you might have.

* Average Bro vents about the frustrating season the Washington Wizards are having.

* Ball Don’t Lie scored an exclusive interview with Greg Oden where the rookie center talked about wanting a flying monkey as a pet.

* Ball In Europe is your source for anything going down in Europe that’s basketball related. Between the scoop on Shawn Kemp playing ball in Italy this season, news on how Scottie Pippen is playing to the latest update on how Brandon Jennings is playing so far this season, Ball In Europe is your source for anything basketball related that’s happening in Europe.

* The Fundamentals on BallerBlogger is a daily must read.

* Kevin Pelton from Basketball Perspective has a great feature called Every Play Counts. One of my favourite articles in this series is when he breaks down the Los Angeles Lakers defensive schemes.

* Ben’s Suns Blog provides some insight into the blockbuster deal which saw Jason Richardson land in Phoenix.

* Bend it like Bennett had the scoop on OKC’s new jerseys.

* Blazers Edge has a great look at how Darius Miles’ recent comeback attempt could hurt Portland’s salary cap situation.

* Blog a Bull soaked in the Bulls winning the top overall pick in the draft.

* Brian McCormick was raving about Ryan Anderson long before he had a strong start to his rookie season.

* Blue Blitz was the first site to leak the Thunder’s new logo this summer.

* BrewHoop scored an exclusive interview with Bucks GM John Hammond.

* Bright Side of the Sun has a great YouTube clip of Amar’e Stoudemire following Chris Bosh’s lead from last season by using YouTube to gain some more votes for the All-Star game.

* Bucks Diary breaks down the Michael Redd Paradox.

* Bullets Forever has a great tongue-in-cheek look at the Wizards offense so far this season.

* Bust A Bucket is a place for Blazers fans to get the latest scoop on the team.

* Canisus Hoopus has an interesting look at a wager between Al Jefferson and Sebastian Telfair.

* CelticsBlog enjoyed the ride last season and then summed up the Celtics 17th Championship.

* Cavalier Attitude has an interesting look at Carlos Boozer and his possible free agency this summer.

* Cavs News feels Ron Harper was the best thing to ever happen to Michael Jordan.

* Clips Nation has an interesting look on the three-team, three-player trade which saw Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups and Marcus Camby change jerseys.

* This summer Clippers fan, Michael Whang, created a YouTube clip where he sang about his desire for Baron Davis to ink with the Clippers. Do you think he’s had any second thoughts about this?

* Dallas Basketball breaks down some of the recent backlash from the Devin Harris-Jason Kidd trade from last season.

* David Friedman wrote about the NBA Finals re-match on Christmas day.

* Detroit Bad Boys did a great job of documenting Allen Iverson becoming a Piston.

* Draft Express had an interesting look on if the NBA is “full.”

* The Dream Shake recently wrote a “tribute” to Bonzi Wells. Way back in January of 2008, they urged the Rockets to “Free Luis Scola” and once they did the team went on a 22 game win streak and 31 of their next 34 games. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

* This summer Empty The Bench ran a great series of posts called Scribes of the NBA Interview series. Among the talented writers and bloggers they interviewed, some of my favourites interviews were with; J.E. Skeets, Jason McIntyre, Ryne Nelson, Adrian Wojnarowski and Tom Ziller.

* FreeDarko had a book published a couple months ago.

* Forum Blue & Gold recently compared the Los Angeles Lakers to Rudulph the Red Nose Reindeer.

* Garbage Time All-Stars is a great online comic that focuses on the NBA. One of my favourite strips from the past year was It’s Always Sunny.

* Do you play fantasy hoops? If so you need to check out Give Me The Rock. A recent post gives readers the scoop on the Top 10 players who might still be available on your waiver wire.

* Golden State of mind scored an exclusive interview with Dave Zirin.

* Henry from TrueHoop had the scoop on the NBA considering bringing H-O-R-S-E into the mix as one of the activities during All-Star weekend.

* This summer Hoops Addict held the first annual Floor Burn Tournament. Recently, we posted an exclusive interview with Bob Cousy that’s a must read.

* Hoops Avenue looks at four Thunder logos better than OKC’s while providing a designers explanation of the faults with OKC’s current design.

* Hoop Heads North is a great new blog that popped up this season.

* Hornets 24/7 compared Team USA to ancient Chinese historical figures.

* Hornets Hype reminds us there’s more to life than just basketball.

* Indy Cornrows had a great post about Bill Laimbeer and Larry Bird still not getting along despite nearly 20 years passing since their two teams battled in the NBA playoffs in the ’80’s.

* Inside Hoops takes a look back at the highlights of Isiah Thomas’ tenure as coach and President of the Knicks.

* Interbasket broke the news a couple weeks back the Yi Jianlian is 24, not 21 like he would like you to believe.

* Jones on the NBA took a look at some of the best stories about NBA arenas.

*KnickerBlogger has a Basketball English to English Dictionary that’s a must read for any basketball fan.

* Are you looking for some blogs to help you follow your favourite NBA team? This summer LA Ball Talk held a contest which allowed readers to vote on their favourite team blog.

* Lakers Blog had a great look at the tryouts this season to become a Laker girl.

* Everyone’s aware of CelticsBlog, but are Celtics fans aware of FL Celts Fans’ personal blog? Make sure you check out her own Celtics blog called Loy’s Place.

* Elton Brand hasn’t even played 25 games as a 76ers and Liberty Ballers is already wondering if he’s a bust.

* I know this was from 2007 and doesn’t really fit into a review of 2008 , but I just recently came across the Dirk The Bugkiller Videogame that Mavs Moneyball posted a link to and I couldn’t resist using that link.

* NBA Mate shares his All-NBA AFL team. What’s the AFL you ask? It’s the Australian Football League.

* Natalie from Need 4 Sheed had the chance to contribute an article to Pistons.com.

* Last season when the Jason Kidd-Devin Harris deal went down few people knew how great Harris would be in New Jersey. One of the few people to initially praise the deal for New Jersey was NetsDaily Blog.

* Pete Marsmitch blames Jorge Garbajosa for the Raptors struggles this season.

* Pickaxe and Roll provided a Nuggets fans perspective to the blockbuster deal which saw Chauncey Billups return to Colorado.

* Pistons Nation is making the case for Tayshaun Prince as an All-Star this season.

* Posting & Toasting was granted access to the Knicks training camp this fall and posted some great video clips.

* Project Spurs feels All-Star balloting needs fixing.

* Queen City Hoops breaks down the Bobcats roster… using Transformers. Genius!

* One of the first NBA blogs, RaptorBlog, returned at the start of ths season after a brief sabbatical. They’ve long been the standard for what a hoops blog should be and it’s great to see Scott blogging again. In fact, he’s so passionate about blogging that he blogged through a nasty case of pink eye earlier this season. That’s dedication!

* Raptors HQ were on hand when the Raptors unveiled their new jerseys this summer. I also had the chance to chat with the guys at the Air Canada Centre during some pre-draft workouts in June.

* Red’s Army does a great job of covering the Celtics and one of my favourite posts from the past year is the one of KG’s reaction to seeing the Championship rings.

* If you want the scoop on the D-League, college hoops or anything involving players trying to crack the NBA, then Ridiculous Upside is the blog for you. They have great content like their interview with Fort Wayne Mad Ants President Jeff Potter.

* RJM Basketball has a great look at the Raptors Ball Screen Defense via a YouTube clip and Raul’s unique perspective as a head coach.

* Sac Town Royalty has a great retrospective on Shareed Abdur-Rahim’s career called Stonebreakers.

* This summer Sixers 4 Guidos loved the addition of Elton Brand. Do you think he and other Sixers fans are having second thought?

* Slam Online made big news this summer when they hired Ryne Nelson to be their new online editor. A couple weeks later Hoops Addict landed an exclusive interview with Ryne to talk about how this whole process unfolded.

* SLC Dunk scored an exclusive interview with former Jazz great Mark Eaton.

* Are there Sonics fans on The Simpsons writing staff? SuperSonicSoul seems to believe so.

* Stern Warning reminded us that Eddy Curry was once an aspiring gymnast.

* The Association took a look at Steve Nash playing soccer this summer a few members of the NY Red Bulls of the MLS.

* The Basketball Jones switched from being an audio podcast to a 20 minute daily vidcast.

* The Blowtorch wrote a guide to wearing headbands.

* The Hoops Doctors has a look at the Top 10 players not selected in the first round of the NBA Draft.

* The Howeva Files has a great look at Devin Harris’ reaction to landing next to the Lakers Girls during a game earlier this saason.

* The Lakers Nation linked to an interesting article in the Las Vegas Sun that shows how culture plays a part in the NBA.

* Another daily stop for basketball fans is The Nugg Doctor for his “Today’s Date in NBA History” post.

* The Painted Area provided their scouting report on Ricky Rubio after watching him play this summer in the Olympics.

* The Score amped up their basketball coverage this season with their Court Surfing blog. Some talented writers in Holly MacKenzie, Scott Carefoot and a host of other writers contribute on a daily basis to form some great Raptors and NBA content.

* Third Quarter Collapse is kindly asking NBA fans to stop hating on Jameer Nelson.

* True Blue Jazz aren’t impressed that Carlos Boozer announced that he plans to opt out of his contract this summer.

* Truth About It used The Roots recent album Rising Down as a photoshopped microcosm of the Wizards season so far.

* The writers behind TWolves Blog started up the Bloguin Blog Network in 2008.

* Upside and Motor had a great chart called “Charting out NBA Archetypes.”

* Have the Pistons been playing fake crowd noise at home games this season? Wizards blog We’re Going To See The Wizards thinks they busted the Pistons for this practice.

* One of my favourite all-time Toronto Raptors was Charles Oakley because of his no non-sense approach to the game and life in general. Needless to say, the blog What Would Charles Oakley Do has become a must read for me over the past few months since I found it. One of my favourite posts was the one on new Knicks point guard Chris Duhon.

* With Malice has an interesting look at what Christmas means.

* X’s and O’s of Basketball does a great job of breaking down plays using YouTube clips. If this site isn’t part of your RSS Feeds or one of your daily stops on the net you need to fix that problem right now.

* You Got Dunked on provides you with daily video clips of dunks. If you’re looking for a great way to waste some time at work, this is a site you need to bookmark or add to your RSS Feeds.

* Zaza’s Playground breaks down the new rivalry between Atlanta and Boston.

Photo Credit: Need 4 Sheed

Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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