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* There’s been a lot of speculation over why Carmelo Anthony shaved his braids but the truth is it was done as part of a viral marketing campaign for NBA Live ’09. You can check out the YouTube clip by clicking here.

* Huge props to the writers at 2 Dope Boyz for posting an MP3 of the Cavaliers entrance song this season “Swagga’ Like Cavs.”

* Joe Freeman has a great look at what happened when the Blazers met Muhammad Ali earlier this week.

* Wall Street Journal is reporting that most of the 30 head coaches in the NBA have agreed to wear suits, sport coats, dress slacks and ties made by the Joseph Abboud label.

* Bob Kravitz is quickly becoming one of my favourite writers because of articles like this where he sums up the game where Danny Granger lost some teeth by painting a perfect visual with his unique narrative style.

* Fans who skim box scores will look at Jermaine O’Neal’s contributions to the Raptors this season and see his modest stats and inflated salary and will chalk him up as being a bust. However, nothing could be further from the truth. For an explanation of why O’Neal’s been so valuable check out the article by Dave Feschuk called NBA Guys Turn Nasty.

* If anyone needs a reason why bloggers should have media credentials they should read this insightful post on Nicolas Batum that Ben wrote for Blazers Edge. It’s the kind of stuff a daily newspaper can’t dedicate the space to but it’s the kind of informative look Blazers fans love to read. Make sure you also check out the article Rashad wrote about JaVale McGee that provided a great glimpse into the rookie’s first NBA game.

* Speaking of bloggers, Jeff from CelticsBlog did a great job of finding bloggers to preview every NBA team and you can find a link to every team preview by clicking on that link. Also worth checking out are the first Blogger Power Rankings of the season on Lakers Nation.

* Want to know the main reason for the Grizzlies turn around this season? It’s due to a new dedication to playing gritty defense.

* Dime Magazine has an idea to provide a great twist to the All-Star game: instead of voting in two guards, two forwards and a center, they proposed that fans should vote for one point guard, two wings and two big men. Genius!

* Lil Wayne is down with Amare Stoudemire for MVP and wrote about it in one of his recent songs.

* Ball Don’t Lie found some highly entertaing YouTube clips of Steve Nash selling VitaminWater.

* Paul Coro wrote a great feature on Terry Porter that’s a must read for anyone who likes to root for the underdog.

* Don’t talk with Chris Bosh about being a free agent in 2010, all he’s worried about is finding time for his afternoon nap.

Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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