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* Do you know who Warren LeGarie is? You probably don’t recognize that name but he’s one of the more prominent people involved in the NBA because he started the Las Vegas Summer League and is the agent for Mike D’Antoni. To learn more about LaGarie you should read the informative article about LeGaire which was printed in the New York Post this weekend.

* Matt Watson posted a great interview with James “Buddha” Edwards.

* The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a video of LeBron James and Jay-Z urging people to vote in the election this month.  Players across the NBA are getting involved and adidas is also getting into the mix as Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and other adidas athletes are urging people to vote through messages on their kicks.

* You can check out the first Bloggers Power Rankings of the season on Hornets 24/7.

* While watching a Bulls game this week I joked with my girlfriend about the mess of facial hair that Drew Gooden has this season. Instead of laughing, she did a double take and wanted to know what it’s called. It figures, one of the few times she actually asks a question about basketball and I have no clue what the answer is. I was stumped until Lang gave readers the scoop on Gooden’s new facial hair which he’s calling a Johnny and is inspired from Pirates of the Caribbean.

* Zoner Sports talks about yet another way daily newspapers are being phased out due to the Internet.

* I’ve been a big fan of The Basketball Jones’ podcasts for the past few years so I was stoked to see Skeets and Tas were returning this week with a new twist: vidcasts! If you haven’t watched one yet make sure you take 15 minutes this weekend to watch one; I guarantee you’ll make it one of your daily stops on the ‘net.

* Jimmy Smith from The Times-Picuyane has a great look at the close relationship Chris Paul and LeBron James share.

* 3 Shades of Blue hosted a great Grizzlies roundtable with with local media personalities Chris Herrington (the Memphis Flyer and writer of Beyond the Arc), Eli Savoie (radio personality at WHBQ Sports Talk radio), Chris Vernon (730am Fox Sports radio personality) and Geoff Calkins (Memphis Commercial Appeal Sports Columnist).

* Some recommended reading this weekend from Rashad Mobley includes A Macrophenomenal Look at Gilbert Arenas and Easterbrook: No Coaching Experience Necessary.

* Patrick Ewing is upset his son was cut by the Knicks.

* Huge props to The Score for adding two of my favourite writers – Scott Carefoot and Holly MacKenzie – to their Court Surfing roster.

* Carolyn from And One has a great find in Sports Hair.

* Here’s a look at an extended version of “Twister” that ESPN is running to promote the new NBA season. Why did ESPN release an extended clip? Because they want you to get an even greater appreciation for Shaq’s giant-sized sense of humour:

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