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Buzzer Beaters – 10/11

* I had a conference call with a rep from DirectTV this week and I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be running a promotion for them starting next week. If you’re looking to order NBA League Pass this season click on this link or call the special phone number for Hoops Addict readers (866-770-7641) and you’ll be able to get $20 off the package. I’ll also be running a similar promotion for ESPN Full Court in early November.

* A huge thanks to Dan and Brent over at Athleon Sports for hooking Hoops Addict up with their Exportable Playbook Maker. It’s a great tool that I’ll be using in my Game Notes this season to explain different plays NBA teams are running as well as with the elementary school basketball team I coach.

* I’m looking forward to meeting Brian McCormick this Tuesday at the Raptors game. After a couple years of talking through emails and a few phone calls it will be nice to finally talk face-to-face with one of my favourite basketball writers and trainers. He’s in town to talk with some members of the Toronto Raptors brain trust so I’ll be sure to share the links to his work once he has it online.

* For all the stat heads out there is a new site called Basketball Statistics that’s worth checking out. Jon Nichols dropped me an email telling me about his site and I’ll be using his Composite Score Stats in my Game Notes this season.

* The Big Lead continued their long standing tradition of classic interviews by posting a gem with Gene Wojciechowski.

* J.E. Skeets wrote a highly entertaining Toronto Raptors Season Preview for Ball Don’t Lie. Speaking of Skeets, I’ve heard through the grapevine that The Basketball Jones Podcast will be shifting to a new format this season that I can’t wait to see.

* FanHouse has an entertaining video clip of Chris Bosh dancing to the new Busta Rhymes song.

* I received an interesting email from an Aneheim Arsenal rep informing me that the NBA Development League’s 14 teams will be featured in this years version of NBA 09 The Inside. Here’s a brief explanation from the press release I was sent explained the game, “Will give fans the chance to experience the journeys of players who seek to transition from the NBA D-League to the biggest stage of the NBA. As part of NBA 09 The Inside’s new PS3 feature, “The Life,” fans will have an unprecedented experience to actually control the on- and off-the-court journeys of three players in their quest to go from the NBA D-League to the NBA. Game players can also take part in the annual NBA D-League Showcase, All-Star Game, and Playoffs and Finals.”

* A big thanks to Kristen from adidas for sending me some screen grabs for Team Signature Commander and Creater shoes that Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard will be wearing this season.

* I also want to thank All Balls Don’t Bounce for posting a picture of me during my D-League tryout Rest assured that once I’m back to full strength I’m taking him up on his offer to a Battle of the Bloggers on the court.

.* Sac Town Royalty has a hilarious Photoshop picture of Mikki Moore.

* If you want a way to waste some time at work next week check out wRECK Sports.

Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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