Buzzer Beaters – 09/27

* In an attempt to improve himself as a person, Sam Mitchell has vowed to give up swearing cold turkey. After spending countless hours next to Mitchell last season during pre-game and post game media scrums, I’ll be stunned if he’ll be able to pull this off but I’ll be rooting for him.

* As a teacher and someone who coaches elementary school basketball, I’m always bothered by the amount of pressure that parents put on young kids. While looking around on ESPN this week an article called YouTube Baby caught my attention and I was enthralled learning the lengths a parent went to as he leveraged his connection with Jamaal Tinsley to get countless NBA players to pose for videos with his son. It’s a truly amazing story about how one parent is trying to get his son a college scholarship while the kids in kindergarten. Is this something I would do if I had a young son or daughter? I don’t think so. Is it that bad of an idea? I don’t think it is, it’s just not something I would want for my son or daughter.

* Henry Abbott had a great post this week with some great notes from spending a day with NBA refs. He also had a challenging quiz for all those basketball fans who love to yell at refs when they miss a call during games. Trust me, as someone who refs basketball games it’s not as easy a job as you think to make split second decisions while recalling thousands of rules.

* Tim Kawakami is reporting that Marcus Williams looked a lot thinner than he did last season during the Warriors media day on Friday.

* You can check out the YouTube clip of Dwight Howard filming the latest Got Milk? commercial by clicking here.

* Speaking of videos, Rob Benson posted a video clip of his latest European adventures.

* Darren Heiter over at Sports Agent Blog has an interesting articles on economics versus being patriotic called “Is It All About The Benjamins.” One of my favourite parts of the article is when Darren wrote, “I just got back from Chris Paul’s Winston-Salem Weekend.  I witnessed LeBron James sitting down cracking jokes for about three hours, hanging out with some of his best friends in the NBA.  If he goes overseas to play in Moscow, who will he be kicking it with?  Can money really buy more happiness when you are already making more than $20 million per year?  Would it be worth moving far away from all of your friends and family?  I don’t think so, which is why I have yet to buy all of the reports that LeBron and Kobe are looking at overseas options.”

* Want to win a free trip to the All-Star game in Phoenix this season? Then head to the new Foot Locker site and enter their Share Your Sole competition. All you have to do is create a short video about your love of kicks and you’ll have a chance to win a free trip to Phoenix and tickets to the All-Star game. One of the clips that is highly rated so far is the 10 Kick Commandments.

* Lil Wayne is blogging for ESPN… what?!?!

* Raptors HQ attended the unveiling of the Raptors new uniform and snagged some great pictures.

* ran an exclusive interview with new head coach Mike D’Antoni that’s worth reading.

* Dock Squad Sports posted a hilarious YouTube clip of The LeBron James song.

* Could Marcus Banks be the next Chauncy Billups? The Peninsula Is Mightier thinks so. While they provide a great statistical comparison to back up their argument, I’m not buying what they’re selling… just yet.

* Truth About It is reporting that Gilbert Arenas is more popular in Spain and Argentina than in the United States.

* Carnival of the NBA #60 is up at Hoops Avenue.

* This isn’t hoops related, but Ragamuffin Soul had a great post this week called Love Takes Balls.

Ryan McNeill
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