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Ball Don’t Lie

This winter I had the chance to read “Ball Don’t Lie” by Matt de la Pena and it instantly become one of my favourite books. The development of Sticky was so riveting that I found myself staying up past midnight reading it because I couldn’t put the book down and I found myself rooting him on despite all of his personality quirks. Shortly after reading the book and commenting about it on this site I was contacted by the author via email and we quickly set up an interview which I turned into a Hoops Addict Podcast where we discussed the book and the movie based on his book which was in the formative stages at the time.

Why am I bringing up this book and interview now? Because filming began this week and it sounds like things are rolling smoothly.

Matt wrote on his blog
yesterday that:

I’ve been in LA since Thursday evening, and I’ve spent almost all my waking hours on the set (long, long days) (no, really). But what a surreal experience. I can’t even describe the chills I got when I saw Brin shoot the “game winning play” where Sticky breaks down the entire Fairfax High defense, drops a dime and watches the crowd go nuts and charge the court. Unreal. At that moment I thought, Grayson is Sticky. He was the only choice.

If you haven’t had a chance to read this book make sure you head out to your local bookstore this weekend and pick up a copy of this classic novel and then catch the movie when it opens in theaters next winter.

You can check out 3 Stones Back for updates on how filming for the movie is progressing and there will be another interview with Matt on this blog once filming wraps.

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