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A Coaches Admiration For Popovich

I hope you had a chance to see the San Antonio Spurs close out the LA Clippers this weekend in Los Angeles.

I know, I know, if you are on the East coast, you could not stay up to finish it out, the game started at 10:30 and you had work the next day. But, if you missed it, you missed a clinic, once again.

Starting with their strongest link, Tim Duncan, who has shown everyone that he’s not about to hang up his grips just yet San Antonio goes ten deep.

Give the Clippers some credit though; they have added another strong NBA team to the city of Los Angeles.

As for the Spurs, they just keep on rolling winning their 18th straight game (eight straight in the playoffs). I came to a conclusion last night; Gregg Popovich has to be talked about (if he’s not already) when discussing the best NBA coaches of all-time.

I really do not like talking about the best this or the best that, but Pop’s name needs to be thrown in the conversation.

Taking over as coach of the Spurs in 1996, Popovich is the longest tenured coach in the NBA. On his watch, the Spurs have won four championships as head coach of the Spurs. Only four coaches in the history of the game have collected more rings (Phil Jackson 11, Red Auerbach 9, John Kundla 5, and Pat Riley with 5). Jackson is the only coach out of the four to have a higher regular season winning percentage than Pop. There’s a chance Pop might win his fifth ring in a couple of weeks.

Pop has a formula; a philosophy that players buy into. If you don’t like it, you can hit the exit. Matter of fact, you may not even make it into camp.

The Spurs have been known to do their homework on players due to their great staff behind the scenes. He has a special talent on how to develop role players; to get guys to play for the team, not-self.

Someone who knows about the Spurs organization once told me, “Pop is the best at dealing with people.”

As for his X’s and O’s, just watch a Spurs game; keep an eye on what they do out of a timeout (that’s a sign of a very good coach). I watched them execute a splendid play for a basket out of a timeout last night at a crucial part of the game. They do it often.

Pop has a system, it’s a process and he holds people accountable to both. His past success provides credibility and most of all, his best players allow for all of it to happen.

I recall reading a quote from Pop a few years ago that sums it all up: “I don’t want to come to practice every day and have to coach jerks.”

To conclude, the Spurs are 29-2 in their last 31 games. And not one expert picked them to win it all?


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