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* Hoops Addict writer Coach Godwin was recently on Lake Lewis’ new radio show. The former ESPN radio host as a new show called Sports Journey that’s worth checking out.

* A big thanks goes out to Kathryn from ABC News for letting me know about this video segment called “Finding Support On The Court.” It’s a great story about how a high school basketball team is using basketball to deal with the loss of their parents due to military commitments.

* Ball Don’t Lie’s 2-on-2 All-Star Tournament is a thing of beauty.

* O.J. Mayo is quickly becoming my favourite NBA rookie due to his great play on the court and amazing stuff like this off it.

* Kristen Wise stepped up once again by sending me some images of some new kicks adidas will unveil next weekend. For all the hoop heads out there, during All-Star weekend you’ll see adidas athletes wearing the All-Star Weekend Bounce Commander West, All-Star Weekend Bounce Commander East, All-Star Weekend Lightning Creator East, All-Star Weekend Lightning Creator Low and All-Star Weekend Lightning Creator West. She also sent me images of the warm-up jackets for Eastern and Western Conference, hoodies from the East and West and a new hat being released. She’ll also be sending me video clips from Dwight Howard that will be showing up in the Hoops Addict Media Player.

* Speaking of All-Star weekend, Rudy Gay will be giving away an autographed basketball to the user who gets the most widget grabs and/or the most video views from his widget.

* A big thank you goes out to Anthony over at MVN.com for having me take part in his weekly column called Five Questions last week.

* I also had the pleasure of contributing to the discussion on With Malice about whether Shaquille O’Neal or Tim Duncan is the best post player of this era.

* It was a busy week as the legendary Forum Blue & Gold had me contribute to their Lakers-Raptors preview.

* Have you ever wondered what the NBA would look like if there was no draft and if teams instead signed players from their immediate geographic region? Depressed Fan has a great look at what this would look like.

* Speaking of making changes to the NBA, Dave Perkins at The Toronto Star has a great idea on how to change the All-Star game: let LeBron James and Kobe Bryant be captains and choose their running mates.

* Make sure you head over to The Hoop Doctors to check out their new NBA Mock Draft Database.

* The Knicks celebrity row is once again becoming a hot spot to be seen.

* Check out this double alley-oop play. Sick!

* Make sure you check out the freshly relaunched version of The Ondeck Circle.

* A big congrats goes out to Brandon from BallerBlogger for becoming part of RealGM.

* Empty The Bench found a YouTube gem.

* NBA Tipoff has an interview with Sam Amico.

* Bonzi Wells recently had his contract with Shanxi in the Chinese Basketball Association rescinded.

* Caron Butler is supposedly not available in trade talk. However, if a team such as the Raptors were to dangle Chris Bosh I’m sure the Wizards would change their minds.

* This isn’t hoops related, but Sports Business Radio has an interesting story about how Kurt Warner found his agent.

* Forbes released their rankings of their 10 Most Valuable Teams in professional sports.

* There’s a great new blog called Sports Radio Interviews that posts MP3’s of radio interviews. This week alone they had some gems from Sixers general manager Ed Stefanski, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers and point guard Stephon Marbury.

Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill has appeared on ESPN Radio, MTV Canada, SiriusXM, The Fan 590 and other radio programs and TV shows. He has covered the NBA with media credentials since the 2007-08 season.
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